11th July 2013 Away At Wyre

Well there's a positive heatwave occurnig on the Fylde coast at the moment and one of the nicest days of the summer (so far - ed.) sees us trot along to Cottam Hall to face Wyre.

And the game starts well for the Jollys as Dave wins the toss and naturally decides to bat. On such a gloriuos evening we're going for the full 20 overs. And what a 20 overs it turned out to be with almost all the Jollys seeming to see the ball like a football. So after a magnificent display of batting we end our innings on 194 for 3. With Will (Rainford) on 29, Tom on 28, Danny on 27, both Ogs and Jol on 25 and Powelly on 23 (not out). Sadly the only wickets to fall were Dave for 15, Frosty for 7 and your humble scribe who slightly spoiled the performance by turning in a wretched golden.

Well that left Wyre with a mountain to climb and we managed to make it even harder for them with some good early bowling (not to mention tight fielding - ed.) However Wyre never give up and they soon started putting a few runs together. But despite boundaries coming thick and fast they just couldn't manage to match the pace of the Jollys so after their 20 overs they were "only" able to amass 150. Now on most nights this would have assured victory but after our inspired batting performance this left the Jollys winners with runs to spare !


Dave wins the toss so we're in to bat !


This week it's Will (Rainford) and Frosty to open the batting.


And Will's seeing it a treat as he starts with a couple of quick singles before smashing one for 4.


Frosty is playing a blinder too as he gets off te mark by taking a quick single.


Yep, Will is seeing the ball a treat as another one goes flying off for 4.


Back at the pavillion the Jollys are making the most of the good start but are not totally confident it can continue.


Botheration. Will's got a huge top edge and the all dissapears into the low flying clouds. Luckily for Will though, whilst the fielder managed to get right under the ball, the sheer height of the drop caused him to spill the bobbling ball.


With Frosty having been bowled for 7 Danny comes to the wicket and starts hitting boundaries.


And what a quick fire performance it was as Danny returns to the pavillion in double quick time having scored 27.


THis means it time for Tom to take to the crease where he wastes no time in firing off a few quick singles.


As the next batsman Jol has taken up the post of square leg umpire where he wastes no time in giving Ogs a jovial wind up.


Well it's worked as Ogs starts hitting 4 after 4 to make one of the fastest 25's we've seen this year.


Ably supported by Tom who is also piling up the runs at the other end.


Jol plays himself in then joins in the batting bonanza by knocking off 4 after 4. This is looking good for the Jollys.


Back at the pavillion Ogs is so hot he's had to remove most of his clothes. Sadly however our legal department have made us censor the picture in case we get sued by a well known drinks company :)


Well what can you say ? Powelly congratultes Jol who has just knocked off 25 even faster than Ogs.


Dave takes a moment to reflect on the magnificence of the innigns before contributing a quick fire 15. Sadly I didn't manage to get any good batting pictures as I was too busy padding up (all that effort for a golden - ed.).


Despite being keen to join in the 25 and retired club Powelly rus out of overs and has to settle for 23 not out. So with such a display of batting Wyre would have had to play out of their skins to beat our total of 194 and, despite their best efforts, we win this weeks game !


Hi. My name's Ken. Will there be sandwiches tonight ?


There will ! Once again Simon does us proud with two splendid trays of butties.And for once I think we truly deserve them !

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Wyre.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Well despite the acres of flesh on display it's too hot for us to hunting. Bzzzt. Still I'm sure we can manage the odd bite here and there. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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