3rd July 2013 Away At Norcross

A somewhat understrength Jollyboys take to the field against Norcross as despite our best efforts work, holiday and other commitments sees us only able to field 8 players.

So a quick conflab between the captains and we decide to forgo the toss and simply put the Jollys into bat. With a weakened squad we were not expecting to get too many runs and with some tight bowling from Norcross this proved to be the case with boundaries a rarity and runs having to be mostly taken in 1's and 2's. However there was some consolation in the fact that we did manage to bat out our full 20 overs ending our innings on 79 for 6. And a special mention must be give to Ian who scored 35 of those runs !

So with a full 20 overs to go at Norcross came out to bat firm favourites for the win. And they didn't dissapoint with some ferocious batting seeing them manage to overtake our meagre total in a mere 9.5 overs.

Oh well at least this gave us the consolation prize of an early visit to the Old Town Hall !


This week sees Frosty ad Ian open the batting with Frosty taking the strike.


Ian plays himself in then wastes no time in getting stuck into the bowling.


The ball is moving about off the wicket as one rises up late to beat Frosty's outside edge.


Just when it was looking good Frosty manages to get himself run out so in comes Danny hoping to steady proceedings.


Back at the pavillion Frosty is insisting to Dave that he could have made the crease.


Out on the wicket the ball is still moving about as another one flashes outside Dany's off stump.


Well Danny has been bowled for 4 so in comes Stu who starts by flicking one away for a quick single..


Once again Ian has done his bit and he retires to the pavillion having scored 25.


So Jol comes out looking to get a decent score for the team and he starts with a quick edge for a single.


Back at the pavillion the Jollys are hoping for a miraculous flood of runs from somewhere. Either that or the miraculous arrival of a cold beer van.


Stu drives one away for another quick single. Having batted for quite a number of overs he's finally caught for 11 (which proved to be the second highest score of the night - ed.)


Botheration ! Jol is just getting going when he gets bowled by one that takes a nasty deviation off the pitch. With Jol having gone for 3 things are not looking good for the Jollys.


Dave manages to get off the mark with a quick single off a top edge...


However he's no sooner back down again when his wickets are shattered by another one that moved wickedly off the wicket.


Which means Ogs comes in as our last recognised batsman and we're looking for him to get a decent score. He starts by examining the field placings.


Gadzooks ! It's really not our day as Ogs is bowled by the very first ball he faces. This is definitely not looking good for the Jollys.


Unfortunately I was padding up so missed getting any pictures of Baz's quick fire 6. However I took to the crease with 4 overs remaining and by some miracle we were able to see out the remaining overs with us returning with Ian having made 35 and your humble scribe having made a miraculous 7.


Well despite a spirited effort by our bowlers Norcross managed to knock off the runs in a mere 9.5 overs so all that was left to do is retire to the Old Town Hall where Simon had, once again, put on a splendid tray of butties !

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Norcross.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Away again ?. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. we're starting to think they're getting scared of us. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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