20th June 2013 Home To Rushale

The evening started badly for the Jollys as Ian had to work late which also meant that Frosty couldn't make it as he gets a lift to and from work with Ian. However the good news was that Dave Stoddard was back home from belgium so, with the ever keen young "Rhino" raring to get a game we at least managed to field 11 players.

Having decided to play 20 overs Rushale won the toss and suprisingly put us in to at first. And we got off to a bad start with the ball rising nastily and Dave getting caught early on. But fears of a collapse proved to be unfounded as we bat well losing only 3 wickets. However runs proved to be rather hard to come by so we finished our 20 overs having scored 101 for 3.

With the overcast sky making it a distinct prospect of batting in the dark Rushale wasted no time getting stuck into the Jollys attack. And despite some good bowling they managed to keep finding the boundary eventually passing our meagre total with 4 overs to spare

So this week sees us lose agani to make it played 4, won 2, lost 2 for the season so far. Oh well at least we'd managed to order the butties this week ;)


Jol starts proceedigs by pointing out how much like Alan Bennet Ogs looks in his new glasses !


On the pitch the game has got underway but sadly for us Dave (Carlyle) doesn't manage to get off the mark before he's caught after a few balls. Oh dear this has all the hallmarks of a Jollyboys collapse...


There's some nasty bounce in the pitch tonight but Tom manages to get his bat behind a swiftly rising ball.


Back at the pavillion the squad try to avoid thinking about another collapse by discussing the merits of Mr Bennett's work.


Thankfully it looks like the collapse is off (or at least postponed - ed.) as Tom has well and truly got his eye in and is playing some delightful cricket strokes


After a few early scares Dave (Stoddard) has settled down and is playing a blinder. Looks like all that Belgian beer and chocolate haven't done him any harm !


A short while later and Tom has been caught on 18 so in comes Ogs who starts with a few pratice storkes. It should also be notd that young "Rhino:quot; had taken over picture duties at this point so he was also keen to get some practice shots in.


Well the local coastguard seem to think we're in distress as they send a hecilopter over the pitch to spy on the action. Or is this the Sky "village idiot" cam out on patrol ?


Dave (Stoddard) and Ogs are happily putting the runs on with some well taken singles and twos.


And a few overs later and it's congratulations to Ogs who has retired on 26 to bring Jol into the action.


Back at the pavillion Baz is all ready and waiting to go out but after that early scare we've actually batted qwuite well tonight.


Unfortunately Dave (Stoddard) was run out after scoring a well deserved 14 so now it's Jol and Powelly at the crease. As usual Jol is playing a fine selection of cricket shots.


Well that was close. Powelly lets one through his guard but luck was with us as the ball narrowly misses his leg stump.


Another straight bat sees Jol ticklig the run rate up a bit as we come into the final few overs.


After a couple of early scares Powelly has also got his eye in as we attempt to increase the run rate in the last couple of overs.


Baz is still raring to go but, with "Cockney" Stu out at third man and ready to go in next, it looks like he won't be needed this week.


Another fine shot from POwelly but sadly it only get a single./p>


Well suprisingly we've managed to bat through all 20 overs but we return to the pavillion having scored only 101 runs but having lost only 3 wickets (so much for fears of the collapse - ed.).


Well despite our best efforts in the field we couldn't manage to restrain Rushale who easily manage to beat out total with 4 overs to spare. So there's nothing for it but to retire to the Old Town Hall for another splendid tray of butties !


In fact they were so "Buttie-tastic" we had to take a close up for you.

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Rushale.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: We're not following them down to Rossall. Bzzzt. Especially not on an overcast. windy night like this. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Oh well we'll just have to hope for some fine weather next week. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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