16th August 2012 Home To Rushale

Well it was touch and go whether we would be able to play this week as the Fylde coast suffered some positively torrential downpours. So much rain came down so quickly that several roads were rendered impassable due to flooding ! But luck was with us the rain held off for the day and, after a quick inspection in the afternoon, the wicket proved to be exceedingly damp but playable.

The only slight problem being that, once again work and holiday commitments meant that both teams were slightly understrength this week with ony 9 players being available for each team. Oh well we'll just have to make do.

With the overcast conditions, and slight lack of players, the captains decided it would be prudent to restrict the game to 16 overs so the game got underway with us winning the toss and (naturally) electing to bat. Predictably the damp outfield meant getting runs proved to be somewhat difficult but we ade an extra special effort ad eventually managed to amass a total of 126 for 6.

It looked very much like Rushale should be hot favourites to win but some good bowling saw us take wickets steadily until we got down to their last two wickets with overs left and them still needing 20 odd runs. However gettig that crucial last wicket proved to be a hill too far for the Jollys and some big hitting from Rushale saw them overtake our total with a few balls to spare.

So this weeks worthy winners are Rushale who have now done the double over us this season. Botheration... Oh well at least we managed to get the game in and nobody drowned :)


This week it's Dave and Ogs' turn to open the batting.


And Dave starts proceedings with some well timed shots.


Meanwhile Frosty, in his role of umpire, keeps the Jollys traditions going by taking a can out to the crease with him.


Ogs anages to get s couple but is sdaly then caught going for a big hit. S that's the first wicket down.


Well as you can see from the puddles on the outfield the ball is not going to be zipping along today.


With Ogs' departure in comes Danny who starts with his usual display of quality batting.


Dave has been caught for 15 so it's now Jol at the crease. Once again he's looking to propel the innings along.


It's not looking god over he pavillion as there are some distinctly black clouds heading our way. Let's hope they pass over without releasing another flood on us.


Jol was wasting no time tonight and with a flurry of well timed 4's he's back at the pavillion having retired on 29. Another quality innings from our resident pro.


In comes Stuey Holloway who gets off the mark but then gets himself stumped for 1. Knickers !


Oh dear. The clouds have arrived overhead and they've started leaking slightly. Come on Mr Wind push them over us !


With Stu's demise in comes "Cockney" Stu who starts with a nice edge which flies off for 4.


Wel Danny has been well caught and bowled which means Frosty has t relinquish his umpring duties (and can of beer - ed.) and get out to bat.


But no sooner is Frosty off the mark and the heavens open up. RUn away !


Luckily for us it was only a short downpour but we return to the action having lost Frosty for 9. And with wickets running out Baz comes in to play one of his best ever innings for the Jollys by accompanying Stu to bat out the overs ending with a magnificent 18 not out.


Well as usual there were no fielding pictures but we can reveal that Rushale managed to beat our total with an over to spare. So we return to the action in the Old Town Hall where Rushale have joined us for a positive feast !


As we thought Rushale might join us for an after match libation Si has been good enough to do an extra tray of butties so it's feast time for the thirsty players !


All that grub has given Ogs the urge to create some art so here we present his salad sculpture " Angels Delight". Better than all that crap they try and fob off as art for the Turner prize. (Maybe we should start the Pedro Art Awards for the season's best efforts ? - ed.)

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Rushale.

Once more apologies for the slightly blurred score card pictures. This camera does not like low light levels !