9th August 2012 Away At EVH

Well once again having the game on a Tuesday night ensured that the combination of work and holiday commitments meant we had great difficulty in getting the full squad out. But that should be no excuse as we're supposed to have strength in depth (er... are you sure ? - ed.) But the night started well as the sun actually got his hat on which has been a rarity this "summer". Even better we win the toss and decide to bat first.

The innings started well too with Ian and Frosty playing some good shots as they kept the score advancing steadily. However the Arnold wicket is looking decidedly tatty at the moment (and with the skool being up for sale it's not going to get any better - ed.) and it was soon apparent that we were in for a night of slightly random behaviour as Ian got bolwed for 17. After this Frosty decided to do some suicidal running and, combined with the wicked bounce, before we knew where we were we found ourselves all out for 70. Not really a defendable total (especially given that we were playing 20 overs - ed.)

So in came looking like positive favourites to win. However some suprisignly tight bolwing, not to mention some wicked behaviour from the pitch, saw us restrict EVHs run rate to the point where we went into the last couple of overs looking like we might actually do it. Sadly though it was not to be as a well placed 4 followed by a quick single saw EVH beat our total with a ball to spare.

So all in all despite being low scoring it ended up being a suprisingly well fought match with EVH coming out as well deserved winners, albeit by the slimmest of margins.


This weeks openers are Ian and Frosty who start by building up a good partnership.


Once again Frosty beds himself in with some fine crciketing technique.


But no matter the state of play there's always time for a spot of pocket billiards back at base camp.


This week we can even play spot the ball as Frosty fires on straight towards our camera position. (er.. you forgot to edit the ball out of the picture - ed.)>


Well Ian was lucky this week as we missed him getting bowled for 17 so in comes Danny who gets going with a nice 4.


h dear. Just when things were going well Frosty calls for a suiccidal run and Danny is left stranded having scored a well batted 8.


So in comes Jol to try and get the momentum going again.


Just in time to see a pair of lesser spotted Peking Mallards fly over the outfield (er.. I really think you should check this with Jol - ed.)


Well Frosty has been caught for 11 which is just as well as Jol has already had to send him back twice for some over enthusiastic attempted runs. So in comes Powelly who starts by trying to aim the ball straight for the windows of the houses.


Sadly though it was not to be Powellys week as he gets a wicked ball which bowls him for 2.


A couple of balls later and Dave is lucky not to be caught as his shot just avoids the bowlers outstretched hands.


Botheration. Two overs later and Dave also gets a wicked bounce from the pitch and is also bowled for 2. Its looking alarmingly like a middle order collapse again...


But Baz is determined to get some runs and he manages to get off the mark with a well timed single.


Poor old Jol is thinking it's al down to me again and he attempts to emulate his hero K.P. by lofting the ball about merrily.


Oh spoons. Jol has just been caught for 12 and two balls later Baz is bowled having made a very creditable 7.


Poor old Rhino has come in and been caught before we could even get a picture so in comes Tony who once again does splendidly with his one handed batting technique.


And at the other end it's your humble scribe who just wants to prove that he does in fact try his best to play with a straight bat.


But still gets bowled by the last ball of the game (to be fairthis one did take a deflection of the pitch - ed.)


Well EVH took their time but they eventualy overtook our meagre total and ended up worthy winners of this weeks game. After which it was all back to the Old Town Hall for... no butties ! Once again we forgot to ask for them. So if you're wondering why the report was late this week it was down to hunger (what an utterly wretched excuse - ed.)

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of EVH.

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