2nd August 2012 Away At Rushale

Well firstly we must apologise for once again posting the report late. Sadly this is down to my "helper" program being misconfigured so, for the second week running, I thought I'd posted the report to our main server when in fact it was only going to my local test server. But I should have fixed this so hopefully this is the last week this happens.

But a hastily rearranged game sees us make the short trip down the road to the lovely Rushale wicket. Sadly though we're a little short of man power this week as both Joly and Will are off at Headingley watching England and Ogs is holidaying in Spain. Still that's no excuse and it does give Rhino the chance to play !

Having won the toss Rushale make the suprise decision to put us in to bat but, despite a couple of good individual performances from Coker and Dave, our understrength batting is not up to much and we finish our innings with a mere 102 for 7 off our 18 overs with three batsmen getting the dreaded duck.

Despite not posting a very defendable total we manage to field quite well and, whilst Rushale did beat our total for the loss of only 4 wickets, we did manage to take them into the 18th over. Still at least we got a game in as the rain has been hammering down again for most of the week. What a summer !


Young Rhino is delighted to be presented with his new bat, custom made by Dave who has taken an old full size bat which had split and has whittled it down into a perfect junior bat !


And they're off ! Ian and Coker open the batting for the under strength Jollys.


Here's Coker getting one away as part of a splendid innings which saw him managing to retire on 25 exactly.


Not content with his new bat young "Rhino" asks if he can take over camera duties and proceeds to take loads of photos of Dad who is currently undertaking square leg umpire duties.


Meanwhile ian has been bowled 6 but he's lucky as Ryan was slightly late with the camera action.


So in comes Powelly who leaves the first one to sail harmlessly over his wickets.


Unfortunately though he's soon down the other end where Keith gets one past the bat and poor old Powelly becomes the first Jolly to get a duck this week.


With two wickets down Dave arrives at the crease and he soon establishes a good partnership with Coker who is now well on the way to retiring.


With Coker back at the pavillion Stuey has high hopes of a decent score... hopes which are soon dashed as he too is bowled for nowt ! This innings has the making of a jolly collapse written all over it...


In comes Frosty who's been promoted to nujmber 6 this week. best have a think about how to play this wicket chaps !


Frosty gets his head over the ball and manages to add another 9 runs to the cause before getting caught.


Back at the pavillion we're hoping we can up the run rate a little (or at least stop losing wickets -ed.)


With Frosty now back it's &Quot;Cokney" Stu facing who steadies the ship with some good cricket shots.


And in comes Dave who retires on 27. So at least we've now got Coker and Dave who can return if our tail gets docked !


Well Baz has been batting wuitye weell this season but after managing to get a couple of singles he gets bowled by a slow looper.


So in comes your humble scribe who has a disaster by playing over another horrible looper to get clean bowled for a dreaded goplden. Oh dear the tail is well and truly falling apart.


"Rhino" doesn't care though as this means he can use his new bat in earnest which he duly does by getting himself a quick single !


Stu decides he needs to get some runs but manages to get a nasty top edge which sends the ball straight up into the air and the waiting keeper is only too happy to step out and catch him.


So in comes Tony, with Coker acting as his runner, and despite batting one handed manages to get well timed single.


Well with a reduced turn out there are no fielding pictures. Which is a shame as Shannon made her debut in the field !

Unfortunately Des was at a funeral and Simon was also off sick so there were no butties this week. Still it will do us good to go on a small diet !

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Rushale.

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