26th July 2012 Home To Wyre

Well after many years this week sees us make the momentous decision to return to the ways of the Gypsy Jollys as we up sticks from "Fortress" Hodgson and decamp down the road to Cottam Hall. Sadly the Hodgson wicket has been so waterlogged this year that we've been unable to play so after some head scratching Ogs took it upon himself to organise a move to Cottam Hall. Conincidentally we're to play Wyre who also have Cottam Hall as their home ground !

This week it's Frosty's turn to captain us and he gets off to a bad start by losing the toss. Wyre naturally decide to bat and due to the slightly overcast conditions both teams decide on an 18 over game. The Wyre openers make a great start and they bed themselves in before keeping the runs coming slowly but steadily. The same however cannot be said for the Jollys though as we find it difficult to make the crucial breakthrough. But after both Wyres openers retiring we finally start to take some wickets and, helped somewhat by the slow outfield, we manage to restrict them to a total of 97 for 5.

So we go into our 18 overs facing what should be an acheivable target. But let's not forget that this is the Jollys - the masters of the collpase ! But we get off to a good start with Dave, Will and Stuey Holloway putting in good performances. But Wyre are taking wickets steadily and as we near the end of the innings we have something of a mini collapse which sets up a knife edge finish. But some coll batting from Ogs and Frosty sees us get the winning run with a coupd of overs to spare !

So it's a victory in our first home game at Cottam Hall !


Well done that man ! Ogs is delighted to ceremonially open the pavillion for our first home game at Cottam Hall.


Having won the toss Wyre batted first but I run back to the pavillion just in time to catch us coming off the wicket having managed to restrict Wyre to 97 for 5 from their 18 overs.


Back in the outfield two local canines are enjoying one of the small lakes that have sprung up in the rough ground just past the boundary. Sadly this is what most ofthe Hodgson wicket is like which is why we're now here !


Once again Will and Dave open the batting and Will gets off the mark wioth a fine 4.


The squad are delighted with the dryness of the S.S. Jolly which has seen some much improved draininage over the years.


Out in the middle Dave and Will are playing some good shots and we're moving along at a very good pace.


Well Dave was caught on 14 so in came Jol. But having managed to get a quick 5 he finds himself becoming a victim of the famous Cottam Hall "random bounce".


So in comes Stuey who's been having a good run with the bat this year.


Tony is doing the book again this week so you'll notice they're filled in to a decent standard !


Will has been bowled for 15 which means it's Powelly to come in and he opens his account with a cracking 4. So whilst the runs have been steadily accumulating we're also losing wickets at a steady rate.


Time for a quick mid over natter methinks - and with the price of eggs being what they are there's a lot to discuss !


Powelly went for a quick fire 11 and Stuey Holloway batted through for a splendid 27 so we're now firmly in reach of Wyre's total with wickets in hand. But the ball is moving about nicely so can we avoid a traditional Jollys collapse ?


Well a quick 4 from "Cockney" Stu and he's coming straight back to the pavillion having been caught going for a big hit. So out comes Ogs to try and take us through.


Sadly by this time I was getting padded up so I completely miss Coker who comes in to bat and promptly gets caught for 0. However I am in time to snap poor Baz getting a dreaded Golden. So from having victory in sight it's now looking like qwe may be "treated" to a Jolly collapse...


But captain Frosty has other thoughts and is determined to put in a skippers innings.


Ogs too is not going to let this one get away and is a model of concentration.


And they're in ! With a few balls to spare Frosty plays a splendid little push shot and gets the crucial single to seal victory with a couple of balls to spare.


Which means your humble scribe is delighted both at the win and at not adding to last weeks golden !


And for a special treat here's a tremendous action shot of Shannon doing some sort of kickball style victory celebration.


So once again it's back to the Old Town Hall where Si's medication has kicked in with a vengeance. (I hope he comes round enough to hand over the butties soon as they shut in two hours - ed.)

Score Cards

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Innings of Wyre.


Innings of Jollyboys.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report:What do you mean the fat fools have left for pastures new ? Bzzzt. How are we going to get our blood rations now ? Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Looks like we'll have to chew on all those tasty skool kids instead. They'll be back though. They always are. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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