18th July 2012 Away At Norcross

Well the rain has let up for the day so we manage to make our way down to the magnificent Norcross ground for the second time in a week. And this time we have a slightly stronger team out.

But things start badly as this weeks captain Coker loses the toss and Norcross naturally decide to bat. With all the rain the outfield is very wet so, given that there are some black clouds in the distance we decide to play a 16 overs game. And the wet outfield meant that runs were hard to come by but BNorcross do well to maintain a steady pace to eventually finish with 95 for 9.

So the jollys have got a manageable total to chase but can we get runs on the wet outfield ? and, more to the point, can we manage to keep our wickets intact for long enough to do so ?

Well regular readers ill know that there's nothing the Jollys like better than a good old fashioned batting collapse and we keep threatening to have one by losing a steady stream of wickets . However we manage just enough strength of mind to keep going and it eventually ends up with "Cockney" Stu and Jol at the crease with victory in sight and a couple of balls to go. But luck is is not on our side as Stu hits a magnificent 4 to level the scores then gets bowled with the next ball.

So this weeks game ends in an honourable draw.


To start matters we see a lovely picture of the Jollys nemesis... The dreaded Pedro trophy (awarded to the player with the most ducks at the end of each season - ed.) which has been brought down to inspire our batsmen. See how serenly he seems to gaze out into into the distance. But who is he calling to receive this years "coveted" award ?


In a vain attempt to avoid the deadpan gaze of Pedro the lads suddenly take an overly keen interest both in the new covering on Ogs bat and on the runners who are finishing their last laps of the outfield.


Sadly this weeks captain, Coker, loses the toss so we're fielding first. Obviously there are no pictures of us in the field (no change there - ed.) but Norcross once again take it steadily to end up with 95 for 9 from their 16 overs. But despite the wet outfied this is a gettable target


Well it's not technically a fielding action picture but Baz proves he did at least try to go for a spectacular diving catch. Sal is not going to be happy with this weeks washing though ! ("What do you mean ? I do my own" says Baz)


This week it's Ian and Will who decide to open. Will takes the strike and opens his account with a well timed 4.


And Ian is soon off the mark with a single.


But there's almost a disaster as Will fires one up to a waiting fielder. Thankfully for us though he misjudges it and Will is safe !


Botheration. Shortly after Will's reprieve Ian plays over the ball and his wickets go flying leaving him walking back to the pavillion having scored a quick 5.


So out comes Dave who starts off with a quick 2.


But that's all he's going to get tonight as he attempts to repeat the same shot only to find the ball shoots off to take out his off stump.


Well it's not been the best of starts and it just gets worse as Will is bowled for 10. This means we're three down and Jol has joined Stuey Holloway at the crease. It's starting to look like it's going to turn into an uphill task for the Jollys.


Thankfully Jol is up for the challenge as he soon gets his eye in and starts scoring a few runs.


Back at the pavillion Baz and "Cockney" Stu are swapping washing tips. "Give it a good soak first, put it in with the rest of your whites and don't forget to use the mangle" seems to be the general consensus.


Oh dear, poor old Stuey gets a wicked outswinger that takes out his off stump. The damp conditions are really making the ball move today.


So in comes Powelly who gets off the mark with a good defensive shot.


Oh dearie, dearie me. it really is all going wrong today as no sooner has powelly got off the makr than he's bowled. It's a sad, but bumper, bonanza of breaking wicket pictures this week that's for sure...


Now theoretically we have batting all down the order this week (well apart from the very tail that is -ed.) so in comes Ogs. So despite steadily losing wickets we're still in a good position. If our nerve holds we can still win this !


Unperturned by the falling wickets Jol is quietly putting together a decent innings with his usual array of "proper" cricket shots.


just when Ogs and jol were starting to put together a decent partnership Ogs gets one that goes straight and he's given out L.B.W. But they've pushed the score up nicely so "Cockeny" Stu comes in to bat with overs to spare and Norcross' total still within catching distance.


In comes Jol having reached 25. Well done that man !


In an effort to get the lads to concentrate on the task in hand Dave puts up the score in the score board. So we need 17 runs to win and we've got 4 wickets left. It's still our game to win !


Coker nearly throws his wicket away by calling for a rash second run. luckily though he manages to dive and get his bat down. Looks like it'll be another shirt for the washing pile this week.


Well would you credit it ? Coker goes and repeats his dash for runs but this time he's not so lucky and is run out for 2 bringing Baz in to the crease. And he's had a decent run of form with the bat recently so can he take us over the threshold ?


But it wasn't to be as he only manages a quick sinlge before getting caught. So that means we're down to the last wicket (plus Jol to return - ed.) as your humble scribe comes on to only to slice his very first ball high into the air for the wicket keeper to collect. Oh how Pedro smiles as I walk back with a dreaded golden. Bums !


Poor old Shannon can't contain her excitement as we only need a few runs but the overs, and our wickets, are running out fast !


Wowsers ! Dave can't contain his delight as Stu hits a mighty 4 to bring the scores level. So we've got the returned Jol and Stu in and we need just one run to win.


Bugger... Scenting glory Stu goes for the next delivery but avoids contact and gets bowled to leave the scores level. Oh well a well fought draw it is then.


After all that excitement it's back to the Old Town hall for some excellent after match butties. Once again Si does us proud with a magnificent spread. And don't think that Frosty, Ogs and Baz had it all to themselves either as the rest of the squad had all just gone to the bar !


Well technically it wasn't part of the match report but this weeks random picture features a bumble bee that had stopped for a rest on some globe thistles. It was starting to go dark so, as it had been sitting there for a good twenty minutes looking knackered, I decided to offer her a tiny piece of set honey - and no sooner had I put it out than she sprang into action and set about it with gusto eating nearly half the piece in one go before zooming off like a racing bee !

Score Cards

Click a picture to see a full size image.


Innings of Norcross


Innings of Jollyboys.

Hooray ! having taken three pictures of each innings we manage to get some unblurred score card pictures for you this week. it's just a shame they;ve not been filled in quite up to Tonys excellent standards.

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