9th July 2012 Away At Norcross

After what seemed like a full week of heavy rain the weather finally breaks and something passing as a summer day arrives. So dave duly rings round and we manage to hastily rearrange a game with Norcross. Unfotunately though Monday is not the best night of the week so we end up with a slightly understrenngth squad. But we're the Jollys and we'll always play !

Things gett off to a bad start though as Ogs, in his guise as this weeks captain. loses the toss and Norcross decided to bat. Due to the damp slow outfield runs are quite hard to come by but, after starting quite slowly, Norcorss bat steadily and despite us taking a st4ady toll of wickets they make it through their ful 20 overs to end up wioth a very defendable total of 116 for 9.

So we take to the wicket knowing we've got a struggle ahead of us but with 20 iovers to go we've every chance. However some good work by Norcross sees us lose wickets steadily and despite some good performances we're not able to beat their score as we end of our innings with 100 all out.

Still there were some good highlights in our performance as we not only see Tony bat but see young Ryan and Joe Powell in action at the crease together. So it's another lose but another good game in a mostly rain affected season !


The squad assemble ready for the start of the innings but there's a slight hold up.


Apparently we've actually been keen this week and have arrived in time to see the end of a training session (er... not sure who for - ed.) so we can't get on the wicket just yet.


We lost the toss this week anf fielded first and with a slightly reduced squad there were no pictures of us in the field. We catch up with proceeedings as Will and Jol go out to open.


As has been the case so many times in past seasons they start well and are soon trotting merrily between the wickets. if they can carry on like this we're in with a chance !


But no sooner has it started lookign good then a bad omen appears... A full flight of ducks who loudly laugh at us whilst leisurely flying overhead (at least they didn;t "bomb" the pavillion - ed.).


Undeterred by the avain quackery Jol keeps on playing some excellent cricket shots. just look at that lovely straight elbow !


Well the ball is sticking in the damp grass somewhat so Will is trying to get the ball as far as he can into the outfield in an attempt to get some runs. Sadly however this tactic backfires as he mishits one and is caught for 3.


Which brings Dave to the crease where he soon gets his eye in.


Back at the pavillion Will rues his sliced shot whilst Tony does another stirling job with the book. Young Ryan however is too busy with his kickball to take much note of proceedings.


Well Ryan really should have been cheering on his dad as Powelly, replacing Jol who has just got caught for 15, gets the dreaded one that stays low and gets bowled for 4.


Dave and Frosty have a good moan about the price of eggs. "it's ludicrous, they've gone up another 10p *again* this week, where, oh where will it end ?"


Well the side needs steadying at this point and who better to do the job than our very own karaoke superstar Ogden-Burger who ges off the mark with a beautifully timed single.


Well this week I found out that the macro facility on this cheap ebay camera is actually quite good so here's a lovely close up of some rust on the outfield railings (how exciting... not ! -ed.)


And a beautiful thistle to boot. Like the Jollys themselves ignored by most, a little prickly looking at first glance, but really quite beatiful if you get up close - a treat for the discerning few ! (Good grief... have you been at the laudunum again ? - ed.)


Back on the pitch there's been some excitement as Norcross think they've run Ogs out. However their man on the boundary has his hands on his head as he's already signalled three times that the ball had crossed the boundary for four so the Burger is saved and the Norcross celebrations are for nowt !


Well after that reprieve it's time to get down to business which Dave and Ogs duly do as they keep adding steadily to our total. if they can both bat through we're still in with a chance.


Unfortunately it was not to be as Dave has just been bowled and due to incompetence I missed what would have been a cracking picture (the idiot mispressed the button on the camera -ed.) But this means it's Baz at the crease who is looking to continue his recent run of good form with the bat.


Botheration no sooner is Dave back at the pavillion than Baz falls victim to the curse of the ducks which means it's Joe at the crease and your humble scribe taking up third man duties. Unfortunately this meant there wasn't time to take the camera back to the pavillion so I had to take it with me. but at least we now get some real close in action shots of Joe in action.


Knickers ! Unfortunately for Ogs this also means we get a nice close up shot of him getting bowled at the end of a splendid knock which put on a much needed 21.


Well some "excellent" calling by yours truly sees me run myself out to join Baz in this weeks duck club but this means we have a proud moment for the team as Tony comes out to bat ! (ably assisted by his runner Jol - ed.) And despite only being able to bat one handed he still shows more technique than a good proportion of the squad !


Back at the pavillion Dave has decided it's time to shake off the rust and break out some old basketball moves.


The Border Collie club are totally unimpressed with proceedings and wish we'd get out of the way so they can enjoy some good stick throwing exercises.


Well Tony got hold of a loose ball but sadly it went straight to a waiting filder so he too has joined the duck club. But this means that young Ryan now comes out to join his brother Joe for the "possee of Powells" show !


And the brothers put their elders to shame as they not only play some great shots but the put on some runs.


Ryan shows some great batting technique as he prepares to take another single.


Well it's not supposed to be the Ryan show but this was a good picture and it would be a shame not to use it. So the teams leave the field with Norcross having soundly trounced us !


We arrive back at the Old Town Hall to find that someone has defaced Sooty ! (he's been like this for at least the last 15 years it's just that you notice it now that there's too much ligt at the bar - ed.)


What can we say. Thankyou once again for the excellent after match butties which this week come courtesy of Simon.


Well look at this . Jol has been on a works do where he met the England captain. Obviously Mr Straus and the chap aare all keen fans of the jollys so he was delighted to present us with a commemorative bat !

Score Cards

Click a picture to see a full size image.


Innings of Norcross.


Innings of Jollyboys.

Once again apologies for the slightly blurred picture of the scorecards as they came out badly... again ! (Must treble check next week... -ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Hmmm... there are rumours the fat fools might not be back this year...Bzzzt. just when we've got some lovely little mini lakes fully formed waiting for us to breed in. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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