20th June 2012 Away At Wyre

This week sees us return to Cottam Hall (the palace of random bounce) to face the ever keen Wyre team. And suprisingly the sun has actually got his hat on which makes a nice change to this season rain.

Tonight it's Herr Ramjet's turn to take up the reigns of captaincy and he suprisingly makes a good start by winning the toss. Naturally there is 10 seconds debate before we decide to bat (actually we were making sure we had at least two openers actually here - ed.) But it was a good decision as it was a lovely night for batting and a good team effort sees us get to a huge total of 162 for 9.

Which means Wyre have got a mountain to climb if they want to beat our mammoth score. Sadly for Wyre our bowlers are on fire tonight and some superb bowling sees Powelly getting 5 for 18 and Ogs getting 3 for 1. With this sort of attack Wyre were hard pressed to mount a credible attempt at catching our score and eventually end up begin all out for 60 which wasn't in any way a fair reflection of the effort they put in.

So commiserations to Wyre as the the Jollys emerge victorious for the second week running !


As per usual the Jolly's are just starting to arrive whereas the Wyre squad are out on the wicket practising already. Baz looks on in the vain hope of picking up some fielding tips.


But look at the wicket ! A positive marvel compared to the damp outfield and tatty artifical wicket at "Fortress" Hodgson. We just wonder how the usual random bounce will manifest itself on such a lovely looking surface ?


Well the extreme zoom might make it look like he's out there on his own but Dave is in fact opening the batting.


Ably supported by Ian who is keen to get things moving along.


A short while later and Dave is out for 16 so Powelly is at the wicket. But, despit POwelly's excellent shot, the main point of inteest in this picture is the young swift that we manage to capture as it zooms past us looking for insects (er... best check species with resident ornithologist Jol - ed.)


Well he's not being outstaged by a bird so Powelly manages to keep strike and starts blasting the ball about.


Ian returns to the pavillion having scored 27 good runs.


Botheration no sooner has Jol got to the crease than Powelly gets bowled by one that stays low. Ah the joys of the Cottam Hall wicket (which is at least the same for both teams - ed.)


So in comes Ogs who reminds us that he does actually have some fine cricketing technique !


Waaaahhhh !!!! I want feeding says a young rook in the outfield. Well you won't want to come back to the Old Town Hall for Butties with us so you'll just have to ask Mum nicely.


Bums. So much for Ogs' classic technique as one gets through to take the bails clean off. Still he contributed a good 12 and the score is ticking along nicely.


Coker gets straight into things with a fine cover drive (er... is this the right shot ? -ed.)


Stu clips one off his legs... and watches it go zooming off towards a wating fielder who restricts it to a single.


Tarnation ! Just as he's getting going Coker gets bowled for 13.


Well there aren't many overs left but Baz is playing a blinder as he hits another to add to his career best 17 not out.


Young "Rhino" Powell makes his batting debut for the Jollys... only to be bowled by a fast ball.


The big bully rejoices in bowling poor "Rhino" first ball. He'll regret that later if "Rhino" gets a chance to bowl at him !


Never mind there'll be plenty more occasions for you to have another go !


Well we're down to number 11 so Frosty has to suspend umpiring duties to come and have a bat. And bat he does with some more good cricket strokes.


But the innings soon comes to a close and Baz is positively delighted with his 17 not out. Well done sir !


Back at the pavillion "Carpet" Col and the Terminator have arrived to enjoy the evening sunshine.


But what'sthis ? Thanks to Col we also have some fielding pictures ! (at last -ed.) Here's POwelly opening the bolwing with his customary zeal.


The Wyre batsman narrowly misses taking the head off our minatire close in fielder.


That'sa cracker ! Powelly is on fire tonight as he gets well on the way to a thoroughly deserved "Five for...". A tremendous display of bowling !


And it's delighted tonight captain as Herr Ramjet realises weight well get a win (despite his captaincy efforts -ed.)


And the crowd go mild as the game ends with the Jollys victorious for the secnd week running !


Which means it's time to go back to the Old Town Hall for nmore of Des's splendid butties which this week featured an extra treat of some excellent olives, and chillis, in chilli oil - tase-tastic !

Score Cards

Click a picture to see a full size image.


Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Wyre.

Apologies for the blurred picture of the Jollyboys innings as all three photographs came out badly ! (we always take at least two to allow for such things but... -ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Well we're certainly not flying all the way out to Cottam Hall just to get a bite to eat. Bzzzt. We'll just wait for the oafs to return next week when we can have an extra good feast. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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