14th June 2012 Home To Warbreck Hill

Well it was another overcast evening at Fortess Hodgson with a distinct possibilty of rain. So the captains deicde to make it a 16 overs match this week in a bid to beat the elements.

Once again Dave wins the toss and we decide to bat (naturally - ed.) and start by losing Ian's and Stu Holloway's wickets cheaply. However Dave manages to keep things ticking along and with an amazing spell from Jol, ably supported by a true captain's innings from Powelly, we're soon back in a commanding position as we finish our 16 overs with a total of 121 for 6.

After this Warbreck took to the filed to be greeted by a sudden downpour but this doesn't last and we resume the game even before both sets of players have managed to leave the field (much to the disgust of certain members of the Jollys who had already started rolling cigarettes !) And despite a valiant effort Warbreck are not quite able to keep up the run rate and some good work by our bowlers, and fielders, see us restrict them to 115 for 7.

So the match ends with an second victory for the Jollys ! Hip hip hooray for the Jolly J indeed !


Well we arrive to find the local Avaian olympics in full swing. And the Corvidea family have taken a narrow lead thanks to a splendid gold for Jack Daw in the long jump (no wing flapping permitted !)


Unfortunately though it's now time for the cricket to commence as the Jollys take to the field to get the game underway.


But the lads are more concerned with the Avian olympics as a disputed foot fault has sent feathers flying.


Luckily Dave is still concentrating on the ball and he soon gets into his stride with some attacking shots.


Unfortunately for Ian though it's not his week as he gets out after scoring a mere single. (Most unlike Ian that - ed.)


Which brings Stu into the fray where he starts off with a fine 2.


Only to get bowled two balls later. Botheration that's two wickets down for not many runs... is it going to be one of those days we wonder ?


In comes the Ogden burger and he steadies the ship by making a few quick runs.


Back at the other end Dave is still in and is producing some fancy footwork to keep the score ticking over.


Sadly Ogs has now gone for 7 but this brings Jol out to the crease where he's taken a leaf out of Jol's book and is going for it !


We are indebted to Frosty for his usual sterling job in the umpires coat. Here's an action shot as he signals the bowler to play on


Dave celebrates getting to retire with a well grafted 26 not out.


Which makes it time for this weeks captain "Pitbull"Powelly to come to the crease. And he's straight into the bowling with a vengeance !


Back at base camp Dave and Jol are both taking a well deserved break having both retire having amassed 26 and 25 respectively.


So it's now Baz and Powelly at the crease with the score looking good.


Not to be outdone Powelly plays a true captains innings and retires on 30 not out making him the third Jolly to retire and this weeks high scorer.


Sadly though Baz has now been bowled for 4 so it's "Cockney" Stu and Coker at the crease and with runs on the board and wickets in hand they can afford to try to hit out a bit.


But Coker is getting a little too care free as he attempts a Kamikaze reverse sweep !


Having scored 7 quick runs Coker is bowled leaving "Carpet" Col facing with 3 balls of the over left. And he's concentrating on getting some runs this week.


Disaster ! After playing two splendid defensive shots Col gets bowled with the last ball of the innings. Botheration. However we've now scored 121 for 6 off our 16 overs so we're in a commanding position.


Despite a valiant effort Warbreck come up just short and finish on 115 for 7 which means it's a victory for the Jollys !

Once again this means it's back to the pub for another splendid feast courtesy of Linda (and Mrs Linda who washed the lettuce !) Sadly though the camera has been set to the wrong mode so it's blurry phots time (idiot -ed.)

Score Cards

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Innings of Jolly Boys.


Innings of Warbreck Hill.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bah, we're not coming out in the rain. Bzzzt. It ruins our hats. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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