29th May 2012 Away At EVH

This week sees us make the journey down to Arnold skool where we face EVH in our first away game of the season.

Once again we win the toss and once again we decide to bat. So it's all hands to the 'baccy tins as we lounge around in the out field and watch a positively splendid display of batting from the Jollys. After last weeks low score we positively attacked the ball and, helped by a nicely dry, fast outfield (not to mention some excellent stroke play -ed.) we amass a grand total of 161 for 4 from our 20 overs with WIll, Ian and Jol all managing to retire having scored 25 or over.

And with such a massive total to chase it was always going to be hard work for EVH to overcome our total. And soon into the innings it became apparent that the Jollys bowlers were also going to have a good day so despite their best efforts EVH could only manage a total of 80 all out in reply.

So this week sees us record our first victory of the season which we celebrate with another splendid batch of sandwiches courtesy of the Old Town Hall (cheers Simon !)


The lovely summer evening sees the squad all ready and present with time to spare.


This week it's Will and Ian who open the batting with Will having the honour of facing the first ball of the innings.


And he wastes no time settling in and is soon stroking the ball around like a good 'un.


It's such a lovely evening Mrs Moon has decided to put her bonnet on and join Mr Sun in a parade round the heavens (this also proves that, whilst the 18x zoom of the new camera is a splendid thing, it can't quite capture evidence of the moon landings - ed.).


At the other end Ian is also getting into the swing of things with some lovely cricket shots.


Wham, bam thankyou Mam. Will hits a quickfire 28 to become the first Jolly to retire this season.


So out comes Stuey just in time to see Ian opening up the bat even more. So, not long after Will, in comes Ian having made an undeaten 25. Well we're certainly not hanging around this week as the run's are positively piling on.


Stuey is keen to get into the action and carries on where Ian and Will left off.


Ably supported by Frosty who's swapped his umpiring skills for a spot of on field action this week.


No matter the amount of high quality action on the wicket there's always time for a spot of pocket billiards back at base camp.


Botheration. Stuey gets one that stays down and his wicket has gone.


So in comes Powelly keen to get some runs in after last weeks disaster.


But after getting a well put together 23 Powelly gets bowled by one that just clips the top ofthe bails just before he manages to retire. But the score's moving along nicely and we've got wickets in hand.


Which means it's time for Jol to enter the fray where he soon shows he's keen to keep things moving along.


Meanwhile at the other end "Cockeny" Stu has a disaster as he's bowled for 0. Still at least it wasn't a golden !


Make way for the Ogden-Burger (Breck Club karaoke mega star that he is) who's looking to get himself some runs with his new bat.


As soon as Jol regains the strike he hits a splendid 4 to retire on 26 therby bringing Dave into the action for the last couple of overs.


A quick fire 7 from Dave and 3 from Ogs brings us to the end of the innings giving us a grand total of 161 for 4 from our 20 overs.


Naturally there are no fielding pictures but we can reveal that we managed to stop EVH from beating our total leaving us winners of this weeks contest.

But the excitement hadn;t quite peaked as out on the boundary Shannon is having a quick net with Stu where she shows the Jollys how to really hit the ball !


So it's all back to the Old Town Hall where Baz looks positively bemused by Si's addition of sliced peppers to this weeks buttie feast !


And we end this weeks report with a message from our sponsors... Roken Is Dodelijk !

(But it must be said that it makes for a good animation test for the multi frame shooting mode of the new camera - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bah, we've hatched plenty of little ones this week and the Jollys are away... Bzzzt. Oh well it won't be long unti lthe next home game and they can use the intervening time to pratice their low level bite bombing techniques ! Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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