24th May 2012 Home To Rushale

Well here we are for the first game ofthe 2012 campaign where a glorious summer evening sees us playing host to Rushale on a slightly overgrown, and not entirely dried out, Hodgson wicket.

Once again Dave manages to win the toss and we naturally elect to bat first. It all starts off reasonably well too with runs steadily accumulating and wickets not falling too fast. But then sadly our run rate starts to slow down, wickets start falling cheaply, and we finally manage a meagre total of 78 all out from just short of our 20 overs.

But it wasn't over yet as some good work in the field saw us manage to keep Rushale's score down whilst also taking wickets. So with 17 overs gone it ends up with Rushale's last man, Rushale needing 5 and us looking to take the last wicket to achive a memorable comeback victory. However it was not to be as a mighty 6 sees Rushale clinch victory with 2 overs to spare.


The sun has got his hat on and the Jollys are starting to appear in dribs and drabs ready for the first game of the season.


Out on the pitch Dave performs an offering of beer and cigarettes to the gods of cricket. We'll have none of this modern, ungentlemanly teetotalery here thank you very much !


Young "Rhino" thinks he's opening the batting and has got all dressed up ready for the occasion.


But instead the honour of opening the 2012 campaign goes to Jol and "Pitbull" Powelly. And it's Jol who faces first and wastes no time in getting off the mark.


So now it's Powelly to face and he gets his eye in with the first couple.


Before disaster strikes and he becomes the first Jolly to get a 2012 duck (don't worry he won't be the last - ed.)


Back at base camp the attention of the squad has been drawn towards something special...


Wowsers ! Ogs has bought himself a new bat. But has he knocked it in yet ? has he got a protective cover for it yet ? (no and no - ed.)


Meanwhile out on the wicket Ian is starting to play some nice shots.


And out on the athletics area "Cockney" Stu is giving Shannon some coaching tips (i.e. keep those flipping trousers clean or your mum'll kill me - ed.)


Well Ian gets another picture this week as a test of our new 18x zoom shows we can now get right in on the action (please don't take this as an excuse to start pointing the camera at ladies bedrooms - ed.)


As Jol has finally gone for a well scored 17 Dan comes in to bat and the Great Eccy pedigree soon shows itself.


There's only one thing for it. Keith decides to bring himself on and he starts his brain trying to work out how to bowl the "Terminator" ((c) Walt 1992)


The excitement of the summer sun and the first Jollys match has brought a veritable crowd down to "Fortress" Hodgson this eevning as Sal and Lisa join us for the entertainment.


Botheration. Just in time to see Ian's wickets rent asunder. Still he put on a splendid 15 and we're stil going nicely.


Hooray it's the return of "Carpet" Col who now takes up the duties of square leg umpire in preparation for his 2012 batting debut !


And no sooner is he out there but he's at the wicket. And what a splendid bit of straight arm action in his forward defensive.


Well seeing as it's his first game in a while Col gets three pictures on the trot. Shame this one is of his wickets having been broken by the traditional "one that kept low" (an ever present danger on this wicket - ed.)


So now it's Dave's turn at the crease looking to get the score moving again by making a few quick runs.


Ably assisted by "Cockney" Stu. And for those of you complaining that this shot is too similar to the previous one we simply had to use it to show off Stu's price tag is still on his hat (a Jollyboys tradition - ed.)


But a wee while later and both Dave (8) and Stu (15) have gone so we're into the tail where Baz manages to get a quick single before being bowled.


Which means it's your humble scribe's turn who meekly dollies up his first shot straight to a waiting fielder. Thankfully he fluffed the chance to give me a golden though and I manage to make a quick 2 before being caught after producing another poor shot...


As usual we didn't manage to get any pictures of us in the field so it's on to the end of the game where Rushale have beaten our meagre target with overs to spare.


So once again we retire to the building site that currently passes for the Old Town Hall where Simon has done us positively proud with a splendid selection of butties !

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: So the fat fools are back eh ? Bzzt. Looks like we'd better get some mroe troops hatched then. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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