5th August 2010 Away At Baines

Once again due to several players being unavailable we find ourselves fielding a somewhat makeshift team for our first visit to Baines in a good long while. Fact fans may remember that we used to play here ourselves many, many years ago and the ground was in fact the venue for the "Cannon's All Stars" vs the Jollyboys match. But today we're facing a Baines team who have done well so far this season.

Things start well as we win the toss and decide to bat but then it all starts going wrong as first Will is bowled early on after which Tom is run out again. But debutant Ted Thistlethwaite steps up and manages to get a quick 25 with most of the runs being made between the wickets. Dave also retires on 30 after hitting a huge 6 when he was on 24.

Unfortunately though the rest of the batting line up didn;t manage to get much in the way of runs and we ended up with a somewhat meagre total. Even worse due to the fact that, not only is my internet down at the moment, I forgot to photograph the book this week so I don't even know what we ended up with ! (you're useless - ed.)

So having been faced with a very gettable target Baines started off well and were coasting along. But then they slowed up in the middle and it ended up with them needing something like 17 off the last two overs. Needless to say that, despite our best efforts, they managed to get the runs and came out deserved vistors.

So another defeat sees us having now lost 7 and won 6 with only one game to go. So it looks like, barring a huge win next week and a lot of results going our way, we'll be spectating at this years finals day.

The day starts off well as Dave (Carlyle) wins the toss whilst Dave (Stoddard) get's ready for the evening's efforts with a refreshing can of cider.


Typically we arrive early and start indulging in a spot of kickball. Doesn't anybody remember Glenn McGrath's injury warm up for the Australians ?


The day starts off well as Dave (Carlyle) wins the toss whilst Dave (Stoddard) get's ready for the evening's efforts with a refreshing can of cider.


Will wastes no time in getting off the mark.


At the other end Tom has a magnificent view of the old Baines Wood.


Botheration. Will's wickets are sent flying by a cracking delivery.


Which means it's time for Ted to make his Jollyboys debut. And he wastes no time in getting stuck in.


Ouch Tom cops one in the shoulders from a wicked bounce. Ah... the beauty of playing on knackered artificial wickets.


Sadly Tom was run out not longer after the last shot which means it's time for Jolyon to pop in where he scores a quick fire 11.


After all the good batting he's put in this season Powelly has a nightmare as he's bowled early on.


So in comes Dave who gets the score racing along again with some well timed boundarioes which saw him retire on 30 after hitting a massive 6.


After which it's time for "Cockney" Stu to join in the action.


Back on the sidelines the lads are looking at the score book and have realised we're losing too many wickets and are not getting enough runs.


Botheration. Dave gets off the mark but is then bowled by another good ball from the Baines pace attack.


Having played well in his last couple of Innings Joe has been promoted up the order and played a couple of fine defensive shots before being unfortunately run out.


Well it wasn;t fun for the team but it's a wicket feast for the viewers this week as we catch the ball just as it hits Baz's wicket. Still at least he got a few runs.


Not like your humble scribe who faces a few balls before being once again bowled without scoring. So if memory serves me well it looks like, with one game remaining, Ogs and I are in a dead heat for the dreaded Pedro trophy...


Which only leaves Dave and Eddie to rejoin the action but with not many balls remaining they couldn't really add anything to our total. So needing just over a run a ball Baines started off well, slowed down a bit in the middle, then comfortable beat our total with a couple of balls to spare.

So it's another losing week for the Jollys. Things get worse from here too as, due to a cock up with the fixture date, we hadn't even asked Des for any Butties ! And to top of this weeks disasters I forgot to take a picture of the empty, buttie-less bar. Oh well another poor week for the Jollys...

But have no fear gentle viewers as, come whatever may, we'll be back next week for the last game of the season !

OafCam Footage

Unfortunately there has been a techical hitch with the OafCam this week as the camera kept switching itself off (possibly low battery ?) Even worse once it did eventually start working then at some point it also ran out of storage space on the disk which meant the files became corrupt and, whilst they are *probably* recoverable, this isn't going to be a quick process.

As previously mentioned I'm also currently writing this without home internet access so I'm afraid you'll just have to wait until I get time (and access to online help pages and file specifications etc.) before I can attempt to recover any footage.

Ho hum... it really did all go wrong this week...

Wot ? No Footage ? Sadly not so far...