5th August 2009 Away To Warbreck

Well time definitely seems to have sped up this year as it seems like we've only just got into the swing of things when the last league game of the season arrives. So this year it's off to the splendid Warbreck ground.

Once again Dave manages to win the toss and in time honoured tradition we decide to bat. But we go into the game knowing that whatever the outcome we've qualified or finals day so, to liven things up, Dave decides we've got to draw cards for the batting order. And this weeks random openers are Powelly and Dave Stoddard who put on a suprisingly good show to see out the Warbreck openers.

But at the end of our innnings we find ourselves with a mere 101 from our 20 overs which, on the good Warbreck outfield, is eminently gettable. But thanks to some tight bowling in the middle of the innings it ends up with Warbreck needing 6 runs to win off the last ball. So it's off to the boundary for most of the team and despite their best efforts Warbreck manage only two runs leaving us with the tightest of victories.

So it's a winning end to the league season which leaves only finals day to come. So pencil in Saturday 19th September at Blackpool Cricket Club in your diaries, get your frocks, hats and any other assorted items of dandifcation you require laundered and start planning your packed lunches now !


Well we know that Tom's normally a relaxed sort of chap but this is ridiculous ! So Dave attempts to galvanise him into action by banging some shoes together.


Meanwhile the rest of the team enjoy the sumptuous changing facilities on offer. Always a welcome change from disrobing under the midge infested trees at "fortress" Hodgson.

In fact if there was only a bar this would be the perfect clubhouse !


But what's this ? This isn't the usual opening pair of Tom & Will ?

Once again Dave has decided that the cards will choose the batting order so it's Powelly and Dave to open with yours truly in at third thereby starting off at square leg umpire.


And Powelly and Dave are soon into their stride slowly inching the total forward whilst seeing off the first eight overs from the two Warbreck openining bowlers.


But the effects of the random batting lineup are soon showing themselves as wickets start to fall which means it's now Baz's turn in the middle. But runs are slowly accumulating on the scoreboard so it's still looking quite good at the moment.


Back at the pavillion Will is wearing an arm support after being cracked on the forearm earlier in the week. (which just shows what can happen when you also play with "proper" teams in a big boys league - ed.)

Ogs however is contemplating it's use as a fashion accesory !


Meanwhile out at the wicket it's Dave and youg Joe Powell with Joe showing up several of our regular batsmen by getting an impressive 5.


Out on the boundary Dave tries to get comfy on the barrier. Either that of he's about to forsake the use of the luxurious clubhouse toilet facilities for a quick dump over the fence !


Back at the wicket Dave sends another mighty 6 which serves both to up the run rate nicely but also overtake Ogs in the most 6's in a season.


Overhead the smallest rainbow I've ever seen hurrieldy makes it's way off to rainbow school !


Botheration... just as we're starting to get some runs Dave gets himself out closely followed by Will whose wicket's take a tumble (if you use your best magnifying glass you can just see the ball in between the breaking wickets - ed.).


So now it's Ogs to the crease and he's looking not only to push the score along but also to see if he can get back into contention for the most 6's in a season prize.


Sadly it shortly the end of the quest for 6's as a few runs later he too gets bowled by a good 'un. Stil the upside is that it allowed me to set a new personal best of having actually photographed two sets of wickets breaking in an innings (it's almost as if he's been paying attention for once - ed.).


But soon afterwards it's the end of our innings and we've managed to make 101 off our 20 overs. As usual we didn't get any fielding pictures but it turned out to be a very close thing with Warbreck needing 10 runs off the last over which turned into them needing a 6 off the last ball to win.

But the Jollys held their nerve and managed to prevent the big boundary thereby wrapping up the league fixtures by claiming another good win.


Once again this means it's time to retire to the Old Town Hall where Des & Linda have once again put on two trays of tremendous sandwiches !

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star


But that's not all... This week it's even more magnificent than ever as we not only receive two trays of sandwiches but also a selection of Indian snacks (with accompanying dips) and, to ensure the proverbial boat is well and truly pushed out, a seafood platter as well.

One thing's for sure we're going to be postiviely weebling our way home tonight !

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star


In fact there was such a magnificent bounty that we even had to enlist the services of local legend Ken who kindly helped out in finishing off the last remnants !


Carrying on with the subject of good eating we also end this weeks report with a random wildlife picture of some bumble bees who are also getting stuck into a good feast !

So all that remains is to once again say see you all at finals day !

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