30th July 2009 home to Wyre

Following two days of showers and dark clouds it was looking likely that the match may be rained off. But following a morning shower or two the good old Sun came out, the wind picked up and it turned into quite a nice afternoon and evening. So it was off to "Fortress" Hodgson for our last home game of the season.

And following the toss the Jollys were batting and started off well with Will Rainford retiring on 29. However we then had something of a mid order collapse until Dave Carlyle and Dave Stoddard managed to pull us back with scores of 23 and 14 respectively. But Wyre kept at us and we were eventually all out for 121 off our 20 overs with Wil Rainford carrying his bat.

So the run chase was on for Wyre but a combination of the slow outfield and some good bowling meant the runs were hard to come by. In fact our bowling turned out be exceptional and we managed to bowl Wyre out for 44 with 6 overs to spare which gave us a last home win of the season.

So now the power of mathematics has guaranteed that whatever next weeks result against Warbreck we'll be appearing at finals day on 19th of September. So whatveer happens next week get your picnicing gear ready for a day out at Blackpool Cricket Club !.


Tony and Dave return from the toss and as I've slept since then I simply can't remember who won it ! (you're useless - ed.) But I do know that we're batting.


But there's a definite change in the outfield this week. Despite the relative loveliness of the evening it's been persisting for a couple of days and we've had to make the boundary detour around a particularly large puddle.


Tom & Will take the ferry to the wicket as they once again ready themselves to open.


And the pleasnatness of the evening means we're joined by our loyal supporter !


Meanwhile back on the boundary Baz, Dave and Ogs reenact the famous proverb of "See no evil, hear no evil, drink no evil" (surely that's supposed to be "speak no evil" ? - ed.)


Getting back to the cricket Tom & Will are settling in nicely with Will having sent a mighty six clear out of the ground !


In fact the excitement has proved to be all too much for Dave who opts for an impromptu siesta.


And before the wildlife fans start complaining here's this weeks nature picture as we capture one of the local wasps sheltering from the wind under a leaf.

I wonder if we can persuade her to eat some of the Hodgson midges ?


Well Will has gone for 10 after mistiming a shot straight to a fielder so it's now the turn of Will Rainfor to step up to the breach.


And step up he did ! It seemed like he was only in the middle for a couple of overs and here he is coming back with 29 not out. But hang on, what's that on the back of his bat ?


Blimey ! It's a saucy lady. No wonder the Wyre lads were looking distracted in the slips.


But what's this... do my eyes deceive me ? It's Tom coming in without getting his 25.


Now look what you've started. No sooner has Ogs joined the action than he's coming back in again for 4. Closely followed by Tony and "new boy" Joe Jeffries who closely follow without scoring.

Bah ! We're starting to think we might be looking at a middle order collapse of England proportions.


Oh dear. Whilst looking for new pictorial vantage points our roving reporter comes across a disgarded jock strap. (Frankly that's not the sort of wildlife picture we want in this website thankyou very much - ed.)

Eeeh ! they must have money to burn these days as when I were a lad we didn't throw away our sports gear. Nay lad we made it by weaving together the stems of old nettles and when it broke we'd repair it with thistle stems, cow spit and bad temperedness. Kids today...


Well the wickets have continued to fall but thankfully runs have also been added so your roving reporter is now out in the middle preparing to contribute a pitiful 1 to our total.

This being the case Ogs has taken over on camera duties and his first shot is of Dave who's managed to cut his elbow on an old snail shell.


But look at this for an action shot ! Unfortunately for Wyre though the wet ball bounced out of the poor fielders hands straight into lake Hodgson to give Baz a mighty 6.


As usual there are no pictures of us fielding but despite their best efforts Wyre were not able to catch our total of 121 all out managing only 44 all out themselves. So all that's left is for the teams to shake hands and retire to the pub.


Where Des and Linda have once again pushed the boat out with not only a tray of sandwiches but also a tray of Indian snacks complete with a variety of sauces. Once again it's a gold star performance !

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star


Which means that 10 minutes later all that's left is a small selection of picturesque trimmings (which were promptly wolfed down 30 seconds after the picture was taken - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report:Bah, it's been a disastorous season for us this year as, once again, we've been foiled by the wind. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. not only that but there were lots of Wasps sheltering under our trees so we thought it best to lie low for most of the evening. Bzzzt. Oh well I suppose we'll just have to look forward to next years antics. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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