9th July 2009 Home To Rushale

Well firstly we must apologise to anyone who read the earlier version of this report as it was something of a dogs dinner... Sadly I nearly forgot to do it altogether and ended up having to do a rush job on Sunday morning after a "heavy" evening the night before. So having created it by using last weeks report as a template my poor addled brain managed to confuse the games and I had us down as batting second when in fact we batted first. So with apologies all round here's the correct version :)

Suprisingly we arrive at "Fortress" Hodgson to be greeted by the Sun who has his hat firmly on. In fact that's not so much as a single rain cloud in sight ! And once again Dave comes out trumps by winning the toss so it's batting time for the Jollys. And bat we did with no fewer than 3 Jollys retiring having scored 25 with honours going to Tom, Will and Ogs who helped us post a healthy total of 138 for 6 off our 20 overs.

But Rushale weren't to be denied and despite some accurate bowling from the Jollys they managed to keep the score ticking along and, helped by two batsmen retiring having scored 25, eventually came out worthy winners amassing a winning 141 for 6 with 3 balls to spare.

So hats off to Rushale who are this weeks worthy winners. And hats off also to Des and Linda in the Old Town Hall who pushed the proverbial boat out with this weeks butties - even including a small selection of Indian snacks from Morrisons ! It was a distinctly satiated Jollys who wobbled their way home that night.


Well it's a glorious summer evening so Ian decides to warm up with a cold one.


Sadly Stu isn't looking too good but we're short of players so he's manfully crawled out of his sick bed to turn up. Joe meanwhile is looking forward to playing again !


Tom is thinking that we need a good total tonight so ponders the legality of taking two bats out to the crease.


Let the game begin ! Tom faces the first ball of the innings.


Once again the healthy crowd are aided by a light breeze which keeps the midges under control.


Out in the middle Tom and Will are really going for it. We know we need to post a healthy total and they're providing them with style.


Once again Tom is after everything and performs another great leap to get hold of one outside off stump.


A short while later and he's done his job retiring on 25.


Not to be outdone here comes Will having scored a magnificent 28. It looks like we're going to post a good total.


And all the excitement is getting to the spectators as Brain and Karen have decided to take advantage of the lovely evening by coming to laugh at the Jollys.


This weeks random wildlife picture features Mervin the pigeon who busies himself by trying to dive bomb Jolly base camp. Go back to defacing Lord Nelson you rotter !


Well the runs may be piling on but it's not looking good at base camp as Stu has definitely got the dreaded lurgy.


Back on the wicket Ogs once again joins the 25 and retire club with another good innings.


Well we're into the last over and it's time for yours truly and young Joe to try and finish in style. Obviously Joe puts me to shame with his splendid batting technique.


Having been bowled with four balls to go (no change there then - ed.) Stu manages to force himself from his sick bed and makes a heroic attempt to repeat last weeks performance where he hit two fours to win the game.


Sadly despite scoring more than one a ball our total proved insufficient as Rushale manage to keep their nerve to emerge with a well deserved victory. Methinks a well deserved team photo is in order.


All that'e left to do is retire to the Old Town Hall for some well deserved sandwiches.


Which this week also includes a tray of Indian snacklettes ! That's a gold star for Des and Linda and a we can consider the stakes well and truly upped in the Buttie competition !

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report:Bah, the wind has been unkind to us this year. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Just as we thought it was looking a lovely evening for a flying snack. Bzzzt. At this rate we're going to starve ! Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

* * * Stop Press * * *
Texas Redneck

Well this week ends with a shameless plug as, after over a decade gathering virtual dust in the computer systems of the Temple of Dins and Batcow Manors, the greatest album in the history of mankind has finally been released.

And what a release it is as the mighty Defakators unleash their awesome 27 track epic "Texas Redneck With A Big Cock" on an unsuspecting (and probably uncaring) world.

Not for these chaps the twee, namby pamby, sickly slick elevator music churned out by bed wetting dogooders such as Travisty, Coldfeet and USuck. This is manly music made by deranged ubermen. Forged in the outer recesses of the human imagination it's a virile testament to pure unbridled creativity. You will not hear it's like again so miss out at your peril !

The songs were recorded more than a decade ago, the cover image is an old internet joke from over a decade ago, the band members haircuts are out of date by over a decade (and still are to this date - ed.) and most of the instruments used are either home made, salvaged from junk shops or found lying around in old skips. What's not to like ?

Usually retailing at an impressive 5 a small promotional batch of copies can be had from Herr Ramjet for a negotiable fee (either 3 or a pint whichever you prefer) Buy one today and become the envy of your family, friends, slaves and house pets !

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