4th June 2009 Home To Seymours Marauders

Well it's been a disastrous week for the Jollys. Firstly we lost the game then, despite having three sets of what should have been fully charged rechargable batteries, we didn't manage to get many decent pictures. Then to add insult to injury I uploaded the report to the wrong place on my server ! D'oh ! D'oh ! and double D'oh !

And all this after we'd managed to get the full twenty overs in against a very good Marauders side. Having won the toss the Jollys naturally decided to bat first but some good bowling saw us get only 110 for 9. After this some excellent batting from Seymours saw them beat our total with overs to spare - and without us managin to take a single wicket. Something that hasn't happened for a long time !

So all in all a well deserved victory for Seymours.


It's a lovely summer evening and both teams have turned up on time and raring to go. And with the sky looking cloud free we even decide to go for the full twenty overs each.


Having once again won the toss we naturally decided to bat. So whilst the game gets underway young Ryan and Christian decide to have a "football pitch invasion". Time for Dad to install a greater respect for the great art of cricket methinks !


Meanwhile back at the wicket Ian has settled down and is starting to put a few runs on the board. (Not that you can tell from this little picture but he's in a lovely batting stance - ed.)


Did I say we were all here early and raring to go. What I meant is that most of us were here. Poor old Baz had to return home to get his knee support... which turned out to be in the kit bag after he'd left it last week !


And the lovely summer evening has seen the first appearance of the Jollys fans ! (actually I think they're just watching out to see who to blame when the ball flies into their garden and breaks their prize blooms - ed.).


Back at base camp the first set of batteries has now expired so after a quick change we check the camera - and find that's it's pulling slightly to the right. Either that or the pitch is sloping again (you're an idiot - ed.)


But the camera is soon back in working order just in time to see Ian coming back after retiring on 25. Sadly Dave also picks this moment to give up umpiring and decides to hog the limelight to boot !


Sadly it's now Will's turn to come on in having been bowled by a late cutter (er... I think !).


And another set of batteries has given up the ghost. Botheration. Still we manage to fish out a third set just in time to see Ogs take guard and start off with a positive stroke.


But back at base camp a chilling discovery has been made... The imprint of some giant beast is clearly visible in the hallowed turf of "Fortress" Hodgson.


And it looks like it was heading towards "Cockney" Stu ! Good job we weren't here several hours ago or we could have ended up as lunch for some giant werewolf thing ! (that's it, will you come out of the sun, put on some sun cream and take your medication you complete twit - ed.)


Whatever it was we shouldn't have drawn Dave's attention to it whilst he was trying to bat as the break in concentration caused him to get a thick top edge which sends the ball into the air for a catch.


Back in the middle Tony Foley is now on strike which means the rest of us had better get our wits about us and our running boots on !.


And we mean what we say ! Time for the brothers Stoddard to cross paths as Dave returns to base camp and Baz goes out to square leg umpire. Things are getting tight now as the innings is coming to a close, we're running out of wickets fast and the last set of camera batteries are starting to drain.


In fact there was only really enough juice left to capture this slightly blurry image of a disconsolate Ogs leaving the field following our defeat.


Once again this means it's time to retire to the Old Town Hall for a commiserative pint where I manage to coax one final shot out of my camera as Si brings us another magnificent offering of butties !

At which point the Jollys would just like it to be known that Linda's sandwiches from week one were every bit as magnificent as Si's and any rumours that members of the team have expressed opinions to the contrary are totally unfounded ! (despite Des' gossiping - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report:This was a bit more like it. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. A slight breeze but we were still able to get the odd drink or two. Bzzzt. But wait until there's a warm, stil evening. Bzzzt. Then it'll be feast time. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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