14th May 2009 Away At Rushale

Our first away game of the 2009 campaign sees us visiting Rushale where we get to see the delights of their other pitches (must be nice having a selection of wickets available to play on -ed.) And the proximity to the sea saw us all noticing the slight chill in the air - despite the warm evening sun (in the old days we'd call such conditions "bracing" -ed.).

For the second week running we win the toss and elect to bat first but once again the wet weather has made the outfield somewhat slow and sticky. With the added sea breeze (not to mention our complete lack of fitness - ed.) this meant that runs were rather hard to come by.

But it was the same for both teams and some tight, nay miserly, bowling saw us eventually come out with our second win of the season.


Once again we're at the ground suprisingly early to find that we're not playing on the ususal pitch. As it's term time we've been shoved away onto the windy outreaches of the vast Rossall fields.


A short while later and we're all changed and champing at the bit. Not through keeness mind it's simply that the stiff sea breeze is a trifle chilling !


Blimey ! The pavillion looks a long, long way away from here.


Back on the pitch we've managed to win the toss again so we're batting. And the action is starting to hot up with Darren playing a fine shot for two.


With both teams having a youth squad in attendance there was an opportunity for an informal kickabout. Flippin' kickball gets everywhere !


But back on the sidelines who do we see now ? That's right it's the return of "Captain Marvellous" a.k.a "Cockney" Stu and the irrepressible Shannon.


Spotting the opportunity to wander off our interpid photographer climbs the sea defences with a view to getting a long shot. And what a long shot it is !


Failing miserably to stick to his assignment our interpid photographer now falls over the sea defences and finds himself on the beach watching a passing windsurfer or two.


After several minutes and much swearing our photographer has failed to find any young lovelies suning themselves in skimpy beachwear so has reluctantly returned to the cricket.


Just in time to see Will play a fine stroke. But it's looking to be an uphill struggle today as the combination of a damp wicket and the stiff sea breeze finds runs very hard to get.


And having rushed back from Newcastle to get to the game Big Ian was a little dissapointed not to have been picked but he manfully helps out with the scoring in an attempt to wangle himself into next weeks squad.


Back on the pitch Tony is continuing in his quest to get us all run out. or is it simply that we're all useless and are not up to the rigours of playing with anyone who actually understands the game ? (answers on a postcard please -ed.)


Over by the chapel the injured Baz (another kickball injury - ed.) is folorn having realised that he's left all his beer at home. Not even Ogs jaunty hat can cheer him up.


Dave makes the classic schoolboy error of mistaking his box for some sort of Darth Vader breathing apparatus. It's a good job it was new is all I can say !


Oh good grief man it's not a miniature "pork pie"hat either. As countless young ladies have no doubt said before me just put the damned thing on and get out to that wicket.


Which he duly does. But no sooner is Dave in than the innings ends with us having made a quite miserly 71 off our 16 overs. Not a good total to defend.


Thanks to the great work of Baz though we have some fielding pictures this week so you can see Will in full flight.


Meanwhile back on planet Ogs it's showtime as our man starts to groove to his own personal breakbeat whilst in the background herr ramjets right arm seems to have fallen to below the waist.


Several overs later and some good tight bowling has suprisingly seen us restrict Rushale to 59 for 9 off their 16 overs. Quite a turn up for the books as we were not expecting our meagre 71 to be defendable.


So once again we retire to the Town Hall. And it looks like Des wasn't joking last week when he said he'd tie a knot in it. Just look at that tray - it's positiviely, sandwich-tastic!


And wherever you find sandwiches you'll soon find ladies ! Never mind a flash car and a bulging wallet gentlemen. If you want to meet ladies always carry a packed lunch, a silver platter and a good quality table cloth. Works every time (I think it's time for your lie down now - ed.)


So once again we end the week with a smiling Jolly Boys. A win, a pint (or twelvety), sandwiches and a cigarillo... does it get any better than this ? (that's quite enough now, will you take your medicine and get back in your restraints or it's the tranquilising gun for you m'laddo -ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report:If you think we're going to turn up in that breeze you can think again. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. We'll just wait for the fools to return next week. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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