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Well here we are once again, starting off the season at a slightly damp "fortress Hodgson". And suprisingly the outfield seems to have been mown which is a nice start to the season. Unfortunately though it was looking rather downcast and with rain imminent the captains agreed that it would be far more sensible to have a 16 overs game.

Having won the toss we naturally decided to bat first. But the previous couple of days rain had left us with a damp, heavy outfield on which runs were hard to come by. But some determined running saw us amass a total of 76 from our 16 overs.

Following this there was a magnificent display of fast, accurate bowling and we managed to restrict Environmental Health to 62 thereby giving us our first win of the season !


Suprisingly the squad are all arriving well on time - which is something of a turnup for the books (you can say that again - ed.).


And Environmental Health are all present and correct too. Let's get this showon the road.


Time for the first toss of the season. But sadly this takes longer than expected due to both teams having to search through their pockets for some money.


Having eventually found a 2p piece in the outfield we manage to win the toss so Tom and Will lead us out for the first time in 2009.


And here it is, the first ball of the season ! Despite the low light in the picture we had to include this historic moment even though no runs were scored (what are you on about ? -ed.).


Back on the boundary Ogs tells the lads "If he'd have bowled that at me I would have smacked ir right out of the ground, just like this"... "Whoosh" goes the bat just missing the back of Daves head.


Botheration, there goes our first wicket as Will is caught behind.


Giving Ogs the chance to get in the thick of it. But far from the proposed flailing of the ball out of the ground he plays a perfect forward defensive instead - much to the amusement of the massed supporters !


Bah, a few balls later and Ogs is back with the rest of the squad having been well caught going for a big 'un. Oh how happy the midges were to see us !


Eventually it's Tom's turn to come back to the sidelines. But thankfully he's come back with a score of 18 which has steadied the innings back on course.


Meanwhile back at Jolly base camp Dave is taking a leaf out of Ogs book and is practising his cover drive, the art of which is to hit the ball cleanly without disturbing the ash on the end of one's cigarillo.


Out in the middle Tonay and Powelly have really got the innings going with Powelly especially seeming to be in an unstoppable mood.


In fact the "boy done good" and shortly after had to retire after scoring 25. Young Ryan however was not impressed with Dad's exploits being far more interested in in asking if he could have some more pop !


So it's Ezmondo to face ! Sadly however he was soon to become a member of the "Tony Foley's run you out" club, a most select club which we will have to take steps to ban for the next game !


But suffering the indignity of being stranded mid crease hasn't dampened Ez's spirits as he gives the traditional bat wave to the camera. (n.b. this is not a Batman reference - ed.)


As we're getting towards the end of our batting order it's time for me to get padded up which means Ogs takes over camera duties. After which he takes great delight in snapping me fitting my box. But it's only fair to publish the results as I did much the same for Ogs back in 2003.


But there was no need for Alarm as Tony has stopped running people out leaving Dave Stoddard to accompany him from the field with the total standing at 76.


As usual there are no pictures of us in the field but some fine bowling from Powelly (who must take a Man of the Match credit for todays efforts) and new boy "Smoothie" Booth sees us restrict Environmental Health to 62 (congratulations must go to Mr. Warburton who retired on 28).


So all that's left to do is retire to the Town Hall where Des has promised us the return of after match butties this season... Except that oh dear, he's forgotten. Ho hum, c'est la vie. It'll be the usual stagger home on an empty stomach tonight then eh ? (what do you mean "empty" ? it'll be full to bursting with beer you oaf ! - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Ah the fat fools have returnedat last. Bzzzt. We were wondering when they were going to show up. Bzzzt. And just in time for dinner too, how charming ! Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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