28th September 2008 Finals Day (Again !)

Well this was the third attempt at having finals day after the first was abandoned due to rain, and the second proposed date was called off as teams couldn't make it. So with Wyre through from the first semi final against Rushale it was down to Warbreck Hill and the Jollyboys to contest the second semi final. But having previously amassed a tremdous total of 150 before rain stopped play in the first attempted finals day the question was could the Jollys do it again ?.

Semi Final vs Warbreck Hill

Well we got off on the wrong foot by losing the toss following which Warbreck naturally decided to bat first. And they started strongly with both openers retiring after making their 25. However some tight bowling from the Jollys managed not only to keep the run rate down to a reasonable run a ball but also saw Warbreck needing to take any half chances that was available. So with both openers back we finally get them all out for 126.


We arrive early to find a glorious summers day. Strange really as we're now well into Autumn.


And look how keen we are. Ian and Tom make use of the excellent facilities of the Great Ecclestone Cricket Club by having a quick warm up net. Unfortunately though there was the, by now, traditional lack of pictures of Warbreck innings.


Well it's the end of Warbrecks innings and the Jollys supporters are now out in force ! Anything for a nice leisurely drink in the sun :)


Speaking of which just look at the blatantly sexist imagery on this can of cider. "No fat ladies allowed" indeed. Another example of the madness of the nanny state !


And they're off ! Tom and Darren trek out to the middle to begin the Jollys reply.


Well there's no hanging around here as the runs start piling on.


And here comes Darren having made his 25. And he certainly set the standard as we had plenty who "retired on 25".


"Carpet Col" is getting so inspired that the's begun talking of coming out of retirement for next season. Stay tuned for further news !


Meanwhile back in the middle Tony earns the distinction of being the first Jollys wicket.


Overhead a flock of geese are completely uninterested in the drama below as they merrily honk their way off to Africa for the Winter.


Here comes Tom racing back to the pavillion after scoring his 25.


And the crowd are certainly enjoying themselves.


Hooray ! It's family "Bubs" come to join us for a while.


Just in time to see Ogs & Coxy finish off the game by hitting the winning runs. So now it's time to prepare for the final.

Final vs Wyre

Having won the toss we obviously decided to bat. And what a batting performance it was ! All the proverbial stops were pulled out and we emulated our performance in the abandoned semi final by piling up 150 plus runs (er... shame you didn't write down the figures -ed.)

After that it was always going to be an uphill struggle for Wyre but they went at it with gusto. Special mention must go to Mr Banford who was hit in the cheek by an unintentional beamer from Ian. Not only did he carry on he gave an excellent reply by hitting the next ball for 6 after which he retired.

However the enormous total proved to be too much and with Wyre having to take chances in their run chase some sharp fielding by the Jollys saw plenty of run outs and to once again emerged victorious !


Time for the fans to enjoy a small libation between games.


Wyre take the opportunity to have a proper team photo. Now if only we'd have thought of that (more likely could get all the Jollys in one place for long enough - ed.)


This poor old lady has to sit down through the whole innings. Luckily she's got the Jollys to keep her entertained !


Once again Darren and Tom are our openers.


Unfortunately family "Bubbs" have to leave us after a few overs.


Out on the field we're once again starting to push the total along nicely.


Amazingly the supporters are still interested - most especially in the full box of crisps "carpet" Col has brought with him (it's full of beer you oaf - ed.).


Darren hits another 4.


Which once again means he's managed to reitre with 25 to his name. Top batting sir !


And the youth squad aren't doing too badly wither. Young Christian "The Fish" shows off his haul of junior swimming medals. Well done tha man !


Oh botheration. Tony's managed to get out again thereby once again being the first Jolly wicket of the innings.


So it's Jols turn to take to the crease. But look at the bowling action of the young Wyre lad, he's positively horizontal !


Here's Tom retiring after 25. This is almost becoming a carbon copy of the semi final (either that or your hungover brain has confused the two into one game - ed.)


Celebrity spooter will be keen to see the arrival of D.J. Napier and young Joe Powell looking resplendent in their kickball outfits.


The scoreboard speaks for itself. Barring disaster this is going to be a mighty total.


Jol plays a wonderful shot towards the spectators for four more.


Ah it may have started out as a glorious summer day but look at the lengthening shadows.


Dave and Ian finish off the innings with a flourish to leave us with a very respectable total.


The "Terminator" himself (a.k.a. "Stone Cold" Walter) pitches in by getting a great action shot of our warm up bowling. (Having taken a position directly behind the stumps he was in no danger of getting hit - ed.)


On the pitch Wyre are having to push themselves hard to try and match the Jollys but our bowling is once again good and the wickets are falling.


Wyres opener is not fazed by the task though and successfully retires having hit 25.


But some spectacular run outs, most notable by "Deadeye" Ogs are starting to take their toll.


Unfortunately the fading light meant that most of the rest of the shots were a little blurred so we jump forward to the end of the match as the teams offer congratulations/commiserations to each other.


So all that remains is for the Jollys team shot to be highjacked by an over excited Walt !


For the second year running Dave jubilantly lifts the trophy to loud cheers.


Followed by an even more jubilant Jol who has won the leagues batting averages.


So after a short stop in the Great Eccleston club house (it would have been longer but most of their beer had been drunk in Saturdays White Bull vs Black Bull game) we retire to the Old Town Hall where the bar staff prepare to help us celebrate.


Jol is doing his best to emulate Michael Phelps by claiming winners medals galore. We're not sure what all these are for but Cliff says he definitely deserves them - all ten of them !


Ogs and Tony pose with passing rap superstar "Blue Moon" Baz.


Oh how we silly old man are excited by our small pieces of "Hong Kong" gold. Still it's the simple things in life that please us most.

The Jollys celebrate thier victory by twirling their medals to King Tubby's excellent "I Trim The Barber". Boy, can this team dance !

Sadly that's about it for another season so may we end by wishing you all a happy winter ! See you next year !

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