8th August 2008 Away To Warbreck

A somewhat overcast evening saw another under strength 10 man Jollys squad arrive at the palatial Warbreck Hill ground for the last official league game of the 2008 season (rearranged matches and finals day notwithstanding). Given the prevailing cloudy darkness the captains therefore decided to reduce the game to 18 overs a side.

The game started badly for the Jollys with Warbreck winning the toss and deciding to bat first. Following some steady batting by their openers they eventually managed to reach a creditable 114 for 7. So it was going to be a good run chase for the depleted Jollys side but sadly it was not to be. After a mere 5 overs the heavens opened and the wicket was overcome with torrential rain.

So with the league not having a Duckworth Lewis Method in place the game was summarily abandoned (sounds more like some form of natural contraception to me -ed.). If we can fit one in then I believe we'll attempt to rearrange the game but failing that it'll be marked down as a draw.


We arrive early to find the Warbreck squad relaxing on their new patio. Very nice indeed. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the black clouds which are massing in the distance.


It's a mere five minutes later and the sky's starting to go an ominous shade of black !

At this point we'd also lost the toss so in time honoured tradition our short numbers meant there is the usual lack of fielding pictures.


But this is England after all, home of the sunny shower, so after Warbrecks innings we return to the pavillion to find not only Baz and Ez but also the Sun who has at least put one of his smaller caps on to grace us with a smidgin of light !


After their strenuous efforts in the field messrs Powelly M., Powelly J. & Jol are all grateful for the free corporation pop on offer at the pavillion. Honestly these facilities are luxury, luxury !


Meanwhile James & Darren prepare to go out and open the innings. But will the sun hold his nerve ? Or will Mr Wind breathe a heavy sigh and blow his black clouds over us once more ?


Here we see the small chink in the cloud cover as Darren and James wander off the the wicket.


And after a promising start James manages to get a thick top edge and is caught. Will this be the start of a traditional Jollys collapse ?


Perhaps not. Jol & Darren keep things steady with only the occasional hastily taken "suicide run" to keep each other on their toes.


The suns finally taken his hat off altogether and seems to have trundled off to bed for the evening. Spotting its chance a chill wind is soon whipping over the wicket.


Botheration ! Here comes the rain leaving the teams no choice but to come scurrying in for the safety of the pavillion.


Goodness gracious me, it really is positively lashing it down. Given that Warbreck have a grass wicket this is not looking good at all as even if it stops the wicket will be waterlogged.


So... in an attempt to liven up the report your humble cameraman risks getting his hair wet to bring you a thrilling close up "action shot" of one of the puddles. Oh how we suffer for our art :)


FInally here comes Jol, the last man in from the outfield. Still he's usually last to the game so at least he's consistent.


So what are we to do ? Obvious really. Go back to the pub to get thoroughly wet on the inside where Ogs, Dave and Will attempt to avoid paying for their round by bamboozling Claire with tales of wrong 'uns, flippers, Doosras, Terminators (tm) and sliders... to no avail.

"That's all very well gentlemen but it's that'll still be twelfty pfennigs and thrumpence please."

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Too wet & windy for us. Bzzzt. Mind you the fools are away this week so we'd have had nothing to eat anyway. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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