24th July 2008 Away At Seymours

Well a lovely summers evening saw us with a good turn out (which makes a nice change. -ed.) Even better we manage to win the toss and, having elected to bat, we rack up a decent total of 166 for 9. So now its up to our bowlers to swing it for us (literally if they can -ed.).

And they duly manage to do just that as, despite a sterling effort from Seymours who replied with 123, we emerge with our fifth win of the season !

There was however a bad moment this week as Powelly went for a catch off the second ball of their innings and the force of the blow dislocated the end of his finger. Happily though once he'd got to hospital it "popped itself back in" whilst he was waiting for an X-Ray (which subsequently confirmed there were no broken bones). So the only damage is a small subsurface bruise and he's raring to get back in the action next week !


Scorchio ! Well this week the sun is wearing one of his best hats which means it's actually hot enough that the team need to take refreshment before the match has even commenced (i.e. it's above absolute zero so it's business as usual - ed.)


And thanks to a donation from Senor Cox we even have some new kit to play with ! Dave however is slightly dissapointed to find that the new kit doesn't include a few packets of Number 6.


But back on the pitch it's two overs in and Umpire Ogs is relieved that Umpire Cox has arrived. And for those wondering what I've been doing all I can say is that sadly this is the first non blurred "action" photo of the innings !


See what I mean ? This is actually quite a good quality action shot but for some reason the camera has decided to underexpose it (it's because you're shooting from under a dark canopy you fool, you could at least read a basic photgraphy bok - ed.).


Well there's something of a rarity as Darren comes back to the pavillion without making his 25. Maybe all that time on the nest this week has distrubed his concentration ?


The squad are all at sea on the S.S. Pavillion. Thankfully the same can't be said of the batsmen who are ticking it along nicely.


And here's the latest in the series of photographs featuring the Cottam Hall Dr. Who stickers. And we must say thay've lasted quite well over the years. But don't worry we'll be keeping you up to date with their condition on each visit !


Tip top ! An excellent shot from young James Thistlethwaite and one which you can amazingly actually see the ball. It's action-tastic, cricketaceous, reportag-a-mondo !!! (what on earth ? -ed.)

But the question does have to be asked, where are all the Seymours fielders ?


Well the cameras obviously taken offence at being blamed for my poor technique as it captures Ian making a great shot at the other end.

And if you look closely you can actually see one of the opposition in the background so we haven't just gone out and staged these pictures !


And that's 25 for James who returns in triumph - closely followed by Ian who also managed to get a 25.

Thanks to a glut of late wickets both batsmen were also able to return to finish with 29 and 32 respectively. Valuable runs gentlemen.


And this week even sees a much required touch of Glamour as we're joined by Pimms toting ladies out for Sarahs pre birthday celebrations (actually they're drinking white wine and cider - ed.)


But what's this ? The younger ladies (Carmen) have even created a range of splendid designer jewellery especially for the occasion ! I bet the rest of the league are green with envy.


And whilst this doesn't look it, it was probably the most momentous ball of the day. Aided by the wonderful randomd bounce of the Cottam Hall wicket their recently brought on spinner was on a hat trick which meant yours truly was in... To potentially face getting a hat trick of Golden Ducks.

It was an eerily silent Cottam Hall that saw me play the best shot of my life to block the ball and receive a loud ironic cheer !


Chris and Charlie make the most of both the evening sun and the Jollys unusually good performance.


And that brings the innings to an end with Powelly (22) and Ian (32) both standing at the finish.


Well Chris did volunteer to take some pictures of us fielding so here we are marching off to the wicket to defend our total of 166. But the combination of the fading light and the camera being under the awnings of the pavillion meant we got mostly blurred shots.

Charlie meanwhile is looking at the pavillion roof and is wondering why there's a Golden Eagle sitting looking longingly at our (safely tethered) bats.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Botheration. Bzzzt. It's far too windy for us to fly to Cottam Hall. Bzzzt. Oh well, we'll just have to wait for next week. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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