10th July 2008 Home To Rushale

Goodness, gracious me ! We've actually got a decent turn out. So for the first time in many a wekk the Jollys manage to field a full strength team. And it getts better than that as we also win the toss, follow Geoffrey Boycotts advice, and decide to bat.

But thanks to some good bowling from Rushale, not to mention the very wet and slow outfield, we were restricted to 124 for 5 which, given Rushales performance earlier in the season, we didn't think would be enough. But we needn't have feared as our bowlers then put on a splendid display and we managed to get Rushale all out for 84.

So once again we emerge with a victory to make it four wins and three losses this season.


And it's looking good for the turn out as we're arrived early and there are already plenty of Jollys on the field. In fact the youth squad were so eager to get to the game that they've even brought their tea with them !


Ian, Bart and Tom are raring to go. (To the pub if nothing else - ed.).


This week it's Darren and Toms turn to open. So with the sun actually beaming out they perpare for the long trek to the wicket.

Mind you they might need waders to get to the wicket as yesterdays torrntial downpour has left some parts of the wicket looking like miniature lakes.


So as the game gets underway Baz twists his cap to a "jaunty" angle to keep the sun out of his face and enjoys a nice relaxing can of Dortmunder Dab.


Well the games underway but we'll have to be careful not to get involved with that big puddle which looks ominously inviting to the local duck population (let's hope you're not required to bat then ed ? - ed.).


Once again it's the usual collection of layabouts and ne'er do wells on the boundary (i.e. the squad - ed.) selflessly offering themselves up for the midges.


Meanwhile back in the action Tom & Darren are steadily putting the runs on with Darren also showing how to play the forward defensive.


A lesson that has obviously not been lost on young Joe Powell who puts (most of) us to shame with his technique.


And here comes Tom back from scoring a splendid 30. He'd better watch out for crocodiles in that pool though.


Botheration. There's a sudden drop in light as a small fleet of clouds make their way to the wicket. Thankfully they're not blackened and heavy with rain and soon pass overhead.


Hurrah ! Our "official" mascot Dexter drops in to check out the action and is soon happily munching on a pigs ear. Mmmm... the treats of a dogs world eh ?


News of the Jollys performance has spread and Jolly Base camp is positively bursting with excited spectators. The midges must be in 7th heaven with all that flesh to choose from.


Well that's the end of our innings as Tony and Ogs make their way back to base camp. Sadly my trusty camera was unable to capture much in the way of action shots this week as most of the shots came out "all blurry". It's almost as if the camera's been drinking !.


But this week there's a bonus for regular readers as young Joe volunteered to get some fielding pictures for us. So obviously the first thing to do is home in on Tonys pants after he went flying whilst stopping a 4.

Let's hope new miracle Whazzo really does wash out even the toughest grass stains.


Young Christian is about to firmly disagree with the Umpires decision that he has to go home to bed.


Hip, hip hooray ! Tom's 30 was just the inspiration we needed to get the win !

So that brings us to the end of another badly scripted, poorly written and terribly photographed episode. Stay tuned next week for more of the same.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Delicious. Bzzzt. Oh we like a good turn out ! Bzzzt. Not to mention a little bit of dampness. Bzzzt. In fact some warm blooded twits to puncture and a nice array of puddles are all a midge could ask for. Bzzzt. Excellent ! Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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