1st July 2008 Away To Environmental Health

Once again work and family commitments, holidays, injuries and excuses leave us with a somewhat under strength team as we can only muster 10 for the trip to Stanley Park.

Having won the toss Environmental Health decide to bat first and, pausing only for a small interruption for rain, they amass a total of 71 - which is a reasonable total on this wicket. It's definitely a day for the bowlers as the ball is skidding randomly off the damp wicket.

Sadly despite our best efforts we are just unable to get the required runs and, having finished with a mere 67, Environmental Health emerge with a well deserved victory.


Well almost everyone's here on time this week, the Sun is actually out, and Tom's just lost the toss. So fielding preparations commenc (i.e. putting out fags, finishing cans etc. etc. - ed.).


Botheration... Looks like I spoke too soon as before we can even take to the wicket the Sun takes his hat off, the black clouds move in and rain begins to fall.


So it's all hands to the brollies as we stand about idly hope the rain stops (they're only bothered about getting their fags wet - ed.).


Well that was quick. The rain was indeed a quick shower and Environmental Heaths innings is over almost as fast as the rain.

Being down to 10 men meant there were no pictures of us in the field so we're now all the way to the half way point and we're preparing to bat (i.e. rolling fags and cracking open cans of beer - ed.)


And Tom gives it the thumbs up as he accompanies Tony out to open. We're now chasing Environmental Healths total of 71 which, despite the difficult wicket, should still be gettable.


But it's still all in the balance though as, whilst we're slowly putting runs on, the wickets are starting to fall at a steady rate. And the bowler puts his hands on his head as we snatch another few runs off a sneaky ricochet.


Back on the boundary the tensions mounting.


Back at base camp Baz is doing an excellent job scoring whilst, having taken note of the speed at which our players are retiring, Powelly is getting prepared well in advance.


Here's Tony coming in after making his 28. But he didn't get a chance to get too comfy as a batting collapse meant he had to go back in again eventually finishing with 28 not out. Well done that man !


Botheration another wicket falls. Things are starting to look sticky for the Jollys as we're still just about making the required run rate but, if we're no careful, we're going to run out of batsmen.


Tipped off by last weeks Golden Eagle a passing seagull swoops down to see if there's anything worth nicking. Thankfully the Jollys are now wise to this sort of thing so we shoo her off !


Oh dear it's not looking goog as we're in the last over and we need 7 runs off 6 balls. With the way the wicket has been behaving for the last couple of overs Baz and Ogs aren't confident we'll get the runs.


And indeed we didn't as after a well bowled last over we only managed to get 67. So the teams leave the field with Environmental Health ending up as worthy winners.


So all that remains are the after match hand shakes followed by us sloping off to the pub to drown our sorrows. Maybe one week we'll get a full turnout.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Our cousins over at "Fortress" Hodgson warned us their might be a feast coming our way this week. Bzzzt. And they weren't wrong ! Bzzzt. A lovely evenings drinking for us all. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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