10th June 2008 Home To Warbreck

Unfortunately your humble scribe was delayed leaving work so didn't make it to the ground in time for the toss. However Dave must have actually won one as when I managed to get to the ground we were batting. And for the first time in a few weeks we'd even put out a full side !

But there was definitely something in the air tonight as we put on a positively splendid display of batting with no fewer than 5 Jollys are forced to retire after scoring 25. And 5 x 5 is 25 (still not lost the old maths eh ? -ed.) There's a lot of fives about today... Good old 5... The number of our lady Eris Discordia. "A jug of wine, A leg of lamb, And thou ! Beside me whistling in the darkness".

So despite a valiant attempt in the fading light Warbreck were unable to mach our collosal total and we emerge with our third win of the season.


I arrive just in time to find the players debating about where to go after the match. With the Old Town Hall now being out of Beck's it's a tough call


Before we can even finish the conversation though Darren has amassed his 25 and is forced to retire. So it's been a good performance in my absence.


Out on the boundary the Jollys youth team (Ryan and Christian) are ignoring the onfield action to pursue a bout of kickball. And the jaded old Jollys can only look on in awe at the energy being expended !


Kapow ! (this isn't Batman - ed.) Out at Jolly base camp D.J. Napier informs Christian that whilst, admittedly innovative, using a cricket glove to tackle your opponent is a foul !


Returning back to the action... Out on the wicket Stuey and Jol are tickling the score along nicely. This is starting to look good for the Jollys !


Blimey ! I don't know what they've been eating but all the small things on the boundary are running about like billyo ! I'm getting tired just looking at them all.

Or maybe it's something in the air ? as out on the wicket the Jollys are certainly batting like Dervishes.


To prove the point here comes Jol back to the boundary having been forced to retire. So that's two Jollys in the "25 and out" club already - with Jol being "in the lead" as his 25 came of a mere 0.00034 of a ball.


Back at base camp Baz is doing an excellent job scoring whilst, having taken note of the speed at which our players are retiring, Powelly is getting prepared well in advance.


See what we mean. Now Stuey has retired with his 25 safe in the bag. John however is more concerned with the cloud of midges making their way towards Stueys head. The little buzzing beasties are out in force again.


Sadly at this point Thommo had to leave early as the Youth team were demanding their supper. But he really should try to remember all the squad members before starting the car !


Meanwhile back at the crease it's Dave and Ogs' turn to keep things ticking over. This really is turning into a good batting performance. (something of a rarity these days -ed.).


With all this scoring going on it'll take something special to keep Dave out of the "25 and retire" club. Tip top and tickety boo !


Baz has had enough of doing the book and, adopting the traditional pose of the village cricketer, fuels up ready to join the fray.


Just look at the glorious tree coverage of "Fortress" Hodgson. Just think how many midges can live in those branches. It's almost as lovely as the singing, ringing tree. (not to be confused with the Burnley sculpture of the same name, video here - ed.)


Oh there's always something to spoil a good story. Ogs too has joined the illustrious "25 and out" club but just as raised his bat in triumph a Golden Eagle swopped down and nicked it.

What on earth a Golden Eagle was doing at "Fortress" Hodgson is beyond me but there you go. (more to the point how are we going to get our bat back ? -ed.)


Well that just about wrapped up our innings as we finish with a mighty total of 183. With the evening starting to darken somewhat that's a mighty ask of any team. So, despite their best efforts, Warbreck were unable to match our score and we emerge with our third win of the season !

So it only leaves young Dexter to give us his word that this isn't just a shaggy dog story.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Hmmm... there's something different about the fat fools blood this week Bzzzt. Somehow it doesn't taste the same ? Bzzzt. And we're definitely not getting the "second hand drinking" buzz we normally get ?. Bzzzt. I wonder if they're changed their drinks ? Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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