10th June 2008 Away To Wyre

Well it's a tuesday game this week as we're away to Wyre at the "home of random bounce" - Cottam Hall. Sadly this was almost a repeat of the Rushale game as an understrength Jollys are once again on the receiving end of a bit of a drubbing.

Having won the toss Wyre decided to bat first and posted a not unreasonable but very acheivable total of... er... (You've lost your "little piece of paper" again haven't you - ed). However this was too much for an understrength Jollys whose valiant 8 lost their wickets with overs to spare.

At which point we'd really like to blame the result on the random bounce of the Cotam Hall pitch... But we can't as it was the same for both teams. Still when we're asked about the result in the pub we can at least attempt to use it as an excuse (that's pathetic - ed.)


And Dave starts off by once again losing the toss with Wyre deciding that they'd like to bat. That's nought out of three this year. Perhaps a sign of things to come. (you betcha - ed.)


So the Jollys prepare to test the vaguery of the Cottam Hall bounce with "Bionic Man" Dave Cox volunteering to open the batting.


And open he does as the first ball is bowled. Suprisingly this bounced as expected which was to prove a rarity this evening !


And it's Ians turn to face. Having played here before he's unsuprisingly chosen to wear his helmet.


Botheration it hasn't helped and he's soon coming back to the luxourious Cottam Hall pavillion to rejoin the assorted collection of olf cans, crisp packets, fag ends and Jolly Boys.


So it's Jols turn who seems to completely outfox the umpire by asking for middle and leg.


Meanwhile back on the boundary/pavillion (for those not in the know the pavillion is part of the Cottam Hall boundary) a threadbare Jollys sit watching the slow remorseless tumbleof wickets.


But there's some good news on the Pavillion as the Dr. Who stickers are still (just about) up !


But the same cannot be said for Jols wicket as he rejoins the bench having completely reversed last weeks total by scoring 0.7 off elevnty twelf balls.


Still watching our wickets slowly fall is all in a days work for the Jollys


Bah. Your humble scribe contributes absolutely nothing to the batting total by scoring his seasons second Golden.


So it's left to Baz and Powelly to see what they can do. Powellys in good form and we need 30 odd runs to win. Can we pull off a sesnsational victory ?

Sadly it was not to be as despite their best efforts another wicket sees Wyre finish us off with a couple of overs to spare.


So all that's left to do is show you the post gala day view on the Pavillion. (There's a nasty and somwhat dubious collection of ballons in that detritus -ed.)


Arrghhh !!! No wonder it all went to pot, sitting there silently on the boundary are the shiny hat things from Dimension-X. Once again they've worked their foul magic on the hapless Jollys...


As the teams leave the field Coxy models the latest range from the mothercare catalogues "over 40s" range.


So to finish off let's just have a picture of the best lager in Poulton - a pint of Becks on the Old Town Hall. Sadly soon to be a thing of the past - as will the Jollys drinking if the replacement is not acceptable. All in it's been a poor week all round.

In fact never mind the picture of a pint of Becks. Join in the sadness as we prepare to bid farewell to Poulton-Le-Fylde's best pint of lager - A pint of Becks in the Old Town Hall. Listen to the Northern oafs discussing the marvels of this new "vid-e-o" technology... Hear the politeness of the Staff as they thank their drunken customers... Oh how we'll miss all this when we're sitting at home reading instead of going to the pub....

n.b. Apologies to whoever voted for the earlier version of the video.. Having refreshed himself by battling Bazs network our "technical expert" (sic) has now worked out how to use VirtualDub to overcome YouTubes forced 320x240 reformatting of videos....

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. So the fat fools were at Cottam Hall this week Bzzzt. That's too far for our little wings to fly Bzzzt. Still we'll be sure to get a good helping next week. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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