5th June 2008 Home To Seymours

Typical, it's been a glorious week, it's been warm and fine all afternoon then it goes and rains just before we're about to start. Sadly it wasn't just a summer shower either as there were black storm clouds coming in from over the school

So after a quick pitch inspection it was time to call off the match and go to the pub very early. All in all a bit of a wash out.


Just to prove that we did at least turn up here's the view from the left window of Daves car showing Powelly with his new chauffeurs.


And if we look out of the right hand window we can see Baz and Ogs. Blimey it's like being at a set of traffic lights. All we need now is for everyone to start picking their noses a la Jacques Tati's "Playtime".


Dave's braved the elements to have a quick inspection and it's not good news, puddles are starting to form on the wicket and some low flying ducks are making appreciative glances at it.


Still the inclement weather hasn't put young Joe Powell off practising his patented "football dance." Ian and Dave look on in wonder and remember the days when the jollys could muster such enthusiasm.


No that's it, despite the lovely coverage provided by the local trees we've had to abandon the game. Still at least the foul weather kept the midges quiet.


Oh well, looks like I might as well sample the delights of Baz's new find, el cerveza Cusquena. Es muy bien y muy bebible !

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Too cold. Bzzzt. Too windy. Bzzzt. Too wet. Bzzzt.Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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