22nd May 2008 Away To Rushale

Well typically after last weeks excellent turn out this week saw a catalogue of disasters reduce our squad to a bare minimum. So the valiant 9 faced a fully fit, raring to go Rushale. Needless to say there was only ever going to be one outcome !

Having lost the toss again Rushale opted to bat and we were soon scampering about the field retrieving a succession of mighty fours. Still this wasn't suprising as with only 9 fielders we had to opt for the Henderson-Duckham "sieve" field. Still at least we got some exercise !

Facing a mighty total we then take our turn to bat... And proceed to get bowled out very cheaply. Oh well, all in all it was a bit of a disaster for the Jollys but you can't win 'em all ! But we left the field with our heads high knowing we'd given it our best and as the club motto says "Win, draw or lose, there's always the booze !"


Well we've arrived, the few of is that aren't injured, suffering with Lurgy or "otherwise engaged" (i.e. doing their hair -ed.) Still there's a good complement of Stoddards out tonight as both Baz and Dave have turned out.

And Katie Ogden would just like to tell us that, despite being offered the opportunity to become official JB photographeress for the evening, she's already bored


Meanwhile Rushale are already out on the wicket revelling in the slight sea breeze. At this point the Jollys are all quaking in their boots as they look like they may be fielding a young lady in their side (the Jollys have a natural fear of lady cricketers as they tend to bowl us for Goldens giving the team comedians an endless supply of material...)


So as usual there are no pictures of Rushale knocking the ball all round the pitch but it was an imporessive display with no less than 3 of their batsmen retiring.

A short while later and Ogs and Darren walk out to the middle to see what they can do about things...


Back at Jolly boot camp it's not looking good as we realise the enormity of the task in front os us. Still we've a few beers and some 'baccy so all is not lost !


Speaking of 'baccy here's Dave trying out his new anti smoking helmet. Sadly, whilst it's a promising concept there's a slight design flaw as the grill is far too big

Oh well back to the drawing board with that one.


Botheration it's the first wicket to fall. Darren makes his way back to the pavillion and Rushale make merry with the congratulations.


Gah, now Ogs is out too. That's both our openers out with not that many runs on the board. Oh well looks like a good old fashioned "Jolly collapse" could be on the cards. (we haven't had one of those in a good while - ed.)


Things are looking bleak for the Jollys, we're losing wickets and, despite some valiant efforts we're not putting much on the scoreboard.


What was that ? An alert Jollys do their best meerkat impression as they sit up and gaze intently at Stuey who's just hit a splendid 4.

Well we might have a mountain to climb, we're still well behind, but at least we're still trying !


"Sport" Billy gets ready to pad up. Once again he puts us all to shame with his exhuberant bowling and keen ability not to join our Golden duck club (unlike some people we could mention - ed.)


But it's the end of the game, we've come a worthy second (i.e. you got stuffed - ed.) and a relieved Katie is so happy it's all over that she performs an impromptu dance.


A last couple of beers and a chat later and it's time to go home. Dave is on fine form here and comes up with a huge number of excuses for our poor turn out.


Well look at this. Back in the pub we find Umpire Gooderham dressed like a lady and Cannon sporting, what could be, a perfectly good Umpires coat. And who's that in the background ?


Why it's "Stone Cold" Walt himself ! It's a shame he's retired (I think you mean drunk - ed.) as we could have done with a few of his patented "terminators" tonight !

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. We turned up nice and early tonight and the Jollys are playing away. Bzzzt. Bah ! Bzzzt. We'll just have to bite them double next week. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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