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A suprisingly pleasant May evening sees us open the 2008 campaign with a tremendous win. The almost complete lack of close season training seems to have paid off as, having lost the toss but been put in to bat, we amass a large 150 plus total (what was the exact score ? -ed.). And our bowling wasn't bad too as we manage to keep Environmental Health well under the target (what was the exaact score you fool ? -ed.) to claim our first win of the season !

Stop press: Thanks to a thorough search through our coat pockets, bags, car boots and footwells we actually have the score card for you this week !


And they're off ! It's the first toss of the season and, in stark contrast to last years run of victories, this year we're off to a losing streak. But with a lovely summer evening Environmental Health decline Geofrey Boycotts sage advice and decide to put us in to bat !


And for once it's a good turn out, mind you we always start the season with good turnouts as everyone forgets how dire we are during the close season.

Still give it a couple of weeks and everyone will start to remember a multitude of reasons they can't turn up on Thursday (well at least not until the match is over and it's time to go to the pub at least)


And they're off ! At last the season gets under way in earnest with some good cricket action. So can intrepid openers Darren and Tom start us off with some rtuns ?


Meanwhile back at Jolly boot camp it truly is scorchio ! And Powelly has obviously been in the sun too long today as he's making himself an unmissable target for the midges !


Ooops... here comes Jol, ready to open the batting.


But it turns out he was just in time after all as he's just in time to see Darren retire having made a magnificent 30 (don't forget in FyldeTwenty20 once you get 25 you have to retire - ed.).

"Keep watching lads, you might learn something" says Jol as he stomps off to the wicket.


Meanwhile in the middle Umpire Gooderham is signalling that he wants two pints of Fosters bringing out immediately. Sadly we can't help him though as we're all drinking Stella and, despite the fact he's brought his own, are allergic to so much as touching Australian lager.


Well the lack of a Fosters runner meant there was no choice but to abandon umpiring and retire back to the stand. So umpire Gooderham takes a bow and escorts young Oliver off the field in preparation for their move to Vanuatu.

So now at least you can click the link and find where in the world that is !


And the spectators have positively flocked to the opener. At this rate we'll have to employ some crowd control (or at least open a beer tent -ed.)


And it's the end of the innings, Tony show his delight with our splendid total of err... (you forgot to write doen the score again didn't you ? -ed.). Well it's going to take some batting from Environmental Health to beat that err.... large score (you're fired ! -ed.)


And courtesy of Mr Bell here's an actual bona fide picture of us in the field. However despite the fact this looks like an action shot we're actually just stretching between balls.


Well the light faded quickly during the Environmental Health innings so sadly most of the pictures were a little dark To prove it here's a picture of us leaving the field. But despite their best efforts they were unable to match our grand total so we leave the field with the win.

So all we need to do now is take the traditional start of season team photo... err... which we forgot to do as "the pubs calling" (you're definitely fired now - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Excellent. Bzzzt. The start of another banqueting season begins. Bzzzt. And I must remember to invite all the ladies for the next one as the Jollys were tasting particularly good tonight. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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