18th June 2003 away to Warbreck Hill

The makers of this page would like to apologise for the seeming collapse of reality. This continuum must definitely be damaged as for the second time in two games the Jollys WIN again !!!

Needless to say our top scientists are trying to establish what on Earth's going on but in the meantime put your jaws back in place, "de-boggle" your eyes, loosen your outer garments (especially the ladies, all pictures to the usual address -ed:) have a large tipple of your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy the ride - it may not last !!!


Powelly takes the long walk back to the pavillion whilst keeping his eagle eyes trained to the floor in the forlorn hope of there being some loose change hidden in the outfield.


Our current main men. Stewey and Ogs, prepare to do battle. And for once Ogs doesn't need to rearrange his underwear first !


What's happened here then ? Why are there no more pictures ? Sadly our camerman had invested in 4 cans of Stella and (apparently) became so engrossed in them that he clean forgot to take any pictures. Until that is the moment of triumph at which point he realised the error of his ways. So here again, for the second game in succession is a victorious Jolly Boys !!!.


Ooops... there's some confusion as to whether the previous picture was taken or not so let's try again "just in case". Sadly it was soon after this that the camerman decided to let gravity introduce his trusty digital camera to the concrete of the pavillion. So will there be further photos ? Will the Jollys continue to win ? Only time will tell....

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