12th June 2003 away to Layton Institute (Cup)

Well what can I say ? Just how can I express our distinctly delerious delight ? our totally terrific teams tantalisation ! our joyously jovial gyrations ? or even your scribes complete disrespect for the language ?

Can Stanley Park ever have seen such a thing ? as, for the first time in many a moon, the Jolly Boys actually get a WIN. Not only that but Stewey and Ogs set a club record 100 partnership. And, as if this wasn't enough, there was not a midge in sight !!!


It's early doors and, despite having had a good knock, Dave is once again making excuses - something to do with wasps apparently.


Jolyon strokes a delightful shot and Russ has the sudden horrible realisation that he's going to have to start running.


What a picture ! An actual action shot of actual cricket action !! And if you get your magnifying glasses out you can possibly see the ball in this one (well you can on the full size original anyway).


Tension is starting to mount and a small argument soon starts about whose turn it is to go to the off licence.


And this was it. The fateful moment that would change the course of the Jollys history.... Jolyon leaves the field (following another good innings) and Stewey, pausing only to check that his beer's not been "requisitioned", walks in to bat.


Si prepares for the fray by hiding his remaining fags behind his pads (as if we'd pilfer them whilst he was batting... hem, hem...) But will he be needed ?


Good grief ! what a shot !!! Ogs finds a gap in the Layton Institute field and it's another 4 to the Jollys.


Bejaysus ! The lads are cantering along and 4 after 4 start piling onto the scorecard. This is total cricket !!!


As the game draws to the final overs the lads are in fever pitch of excitement... In fact some of them have actually woken up and are taking a vague interest in affairs !!!


Hooray for our side !!! A triumphant Ogs and Stewey march from the field. And all that exertion has left Stewey so hungry that he's forced to start chewing his gloves !!!


Just look at this.... did you ever expect to see such a thing ? A victorious Jolly Boys start their celebrations under a clear summer sky and our cameraman has to fight to stop tears of joy raining all over the lens !!!





Due to the long and exhaustive nature of the celebrations following the game the rest of the pictures ended up being mostly of the floor, the cameramans fingers or passing young ladies.....

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible......

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