5th June 2003 home to Layton Institute

Ho hum, another game... another defeat.... another set of midge bites... another hangover... But wait; don't think there's an air of gloom in the Jollys camp. We may be going through a slight "bad patch" at the moment (what for 4 years ? -ed) but there's a definite stirring in the jungle and the natives are getting restless 'cause they can feel a win coming.

We may have lost again but for the third game running our performance has improved. One day.... One day.... fortress Thornton will resound to the cheers of a victorious Jolly Boys, strong old men will weep like teenage girls, ladies will throw off their clothes and dance for joy, the bar will never shut and the midges will spontaneously decide to have a "nice lie down" and stop biting us for 10 minutes. Maybe next week... maybe next week....


And they're off ! A rare action shot sees Dave and Stewey putting on a few runs.


"Pitbull" Powelly takes his hat off in a vain attempt to dissuade the midges whilst the rest of the lads hope against hope that a bus would pull up and get them outta Dodge.


Dave attempts to talk his way out of getting caught from a rotten shot by claiming that the bat had a "slight grass stain" on it.


Yowsa, Yowas, Yowsa ! Just look at Jolyon go ! Meanwhile at stage centre poor old "Pitbull" Powellys hat is now literally buzzing round his head as the entire Thornton midge army jostle for the best biting position.


Sheer class. Jolyon lets rip in the general direction of the slips (who've all run off camera to escape).


Stewey insists it's Oggs' round but he's having none of it and stomps off to the crease for a spot of batting instead.


Zut Alors ! The pitch... she is starting to lean again so the lads start to run away (if truth be told there were rumours that the bar was closing)


No no no Dr. Ramjet. The pitch is behind you. Not to mention the fact that the games over, we lost and you would have undoubtedly been bowled for another golden duck.


The squad once again relaxing outside the old Town Hall..

There was supposed to be a picture here but someone seems to have stolen it. Bloody art thieves !

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