29th May 2003 away at Pickup Central Heating

Another defeat in pictures... South Shore cricket club again resounds to the sound of gnashing teeth as we cruise to another ignominous defeat. A good picture may well be worth a thousand words but, quite frankly, this lot are worth about tuppence....


Once again the Jollys find an excuse not to watch the game (apart from Dave that is who's convinced he dropped his lighter on the pitch)


Blimey ! Where are the fielders ? They can't all be in the bar can they ?


Dave's now realised that everyone else is smoking so he gives up scouring the pitch and starts accusing the squad of being light fingered.


Is it a bird ? is it a plane ? No ! it's a wide... but for once it's not from one of our bowlers !!!


Baz and "Carpet" Col stare gloomily at the unfolding disaster that passed for our innings.


Oh dear, oh dear... P.D. doesn't look too happy does he. Mind you if you were watching the Jollys and the only refreshment you had was 7 up would you be ?


Oh my word. What's Ogs up to now ? One things for sure though... his underpants are definitely in as bad a state as our batting.


A small sample of what it takes to get us to go out and face the ball.

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