30th April 2003 away at South Shore Shovellers

A defeat in pictures... Sadly there weren't enough of us there at the start of the match so there are no pictures of us in the field but, trust me, you're not missing much.


The Jolly Boys laugh merrily as our openers flail wildly at the ball !


"Baz" puts in some last minute training whilst waiting for his call to bat.


Oh dear, it's off for rain... a process that was to be repeated a further two times.


Botheration... just as we were looking forward to the rain providing us with another 2 points, the sun cheers up and puts his hat back on.


So with as luvverly a rainbow as this we're obliged to return to the field. But will there be a crock of gold for the battling Jolly boys ?


Ogs prepares to face the ball whilst Dave strikes up a decidedly balletic pose at the other end.


Wahey ! At last there's a real action shot as Ogs prepares to face. But what happened next ? Did his wickets come tumbling down ? or did he launch a mighty four ? Sadly we'll never know as I can't remember ;)


Dobber, "Pitbull" Powelly and Scotty "Bubs" take a sudden intense interest in Powellys lighter in a desperate attempt to avoid seeing what Ogs is doing in his trousers.


After the match the team retire to the pub for a well earned session of bullshitting about next weeks chances and a spot of sportsmans rehydration (oh alright we've actually adopted the more scientific method of continuous hydration before, during, throughout and after the game - we are finely tuned athletes after all !)


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