16th June 2011 Home To Warbreck

Well it was a tale of the missing players this week as both Warbreck and the Jollys have to make do with much reduced sides. Once again Dave manages to win the toss but then we face a conundrum as, given both teams reduced state, we're not sure what to do... So there's only one thing for it as we toss a coin with heads meaning we bat and tails meaning we field. And Tails it is ! so it's time to get bowling.

Having been put in Warbreck start well and some more sloppy fielding sees the runs start to build up with their openers managing to rack up 20 and 29 respectively. However some great bowling from young Coker and Frosty sees us come right back in the game as they manage to both keep the score down and to take wickets. nut Warbreck keep batting away and at the end of their innings they leave the field with a total of 110 to defend.

So the Jollys being their innings knowing that they need to score at just under 1 run a ball for victory. And this week we see new signing Chris Allan accompany Stuey out to open the batting. With no Tom, Will, Ian or Jol this week we'll have to bat right down the order if we're going to get the win. But we start well with both batsmen managing to get into double figures (Chris 10, Stuey 12) Following this we keep on performing well with Ogs coming in for 15, Powelly batting right through to retire on 29, Dave carrying his bat for 23 and Coker getting a quick fire 8 before getting out trying to score the winning runs with a reverse sweep !

So this week sees us triumph in the battle of the understrength teams. And whilst Tony was present to do the score book for us Dave had forgotten to charge his iPhone so once again we're back to photographs of the Warbreck innings and the Jollyboys innings.


Once again Dave wins the toss so we have to decide what to do... And we can't decide so we toss for it ! The coin lands on tails and we're batting.


With the under strength team Dave (Carlyle) asks Dave (Stoddard) if he fancies opening. "That would be inappropriate for a gentleman of my abilities" is the stern reply (the exact words were a little more informal than that - ed.)


Chris gets us stared with a splendid forward defensive.


And umpire Tony asked "can I be in the report ?" so yes you can as he expertly signals how large a pizza he wants to have for supper ! (actually he's signalling a wide you fool - ed.)


Unfazed by thoughts of giant Italian style cheese on toast Stuey is getting stuck into the bowling with aplomb.


Botheration... All tyhat talk of supper has ruined our concentration and it's the first wicket for Warbreck as Chris sees his stumps go for a Burton.


So in comes Ogs who wastes no time in getting off the mark.


But it's another wicket for Warbreck as Stu now loses his middle stump to the man in the (illegal to bowl in - ed.) black shorts ! Still both Chris (10) and Stu (12) got into double figures so we're off to a good start.


Well Powelly's not having any messing about as he settles himself in by launching the ball to all corners of the field. It seems that no sooner has he come in than he's retiring on 29. A top knock indeed !


Back on the boundary D.J. Napier is so impressed he's trying to get through to the Evening Gazette sports desk.


Meanwhile back at the wicket Ogs has been caught and bowled for 15 so Dave has joined Powelly out in the middle. And he soon gets into his stride with some lovely cricket strokes.


But out in the outfield one of the Warbreck fielders has not only put down a high, looping, catching chance but has also has received a mighty blow to the chest to boot. Sadly his team mates have no sympathy and gather round to start making claims against his kit.


Back at base camp the midges are being kept at bay by the breezy gusts so Dave feels brave enough to taunt them by taking his shirt off to reveal a prime target.


Well the runs have been coming steadily and we now need one to win. With overs, and wickets, remaining Coker naturally decides to go for glory by trying to win it with a reverse sweep. Obviously this means he loses his wicket instead :)


So in comes Ez just in time to see Dave hit the winning runs as the Jollys mange to overhaul Warbrecks total with a couple of overs to spare.


As the tams leave the field the gallant fieldsman has recovered fully, has retrieved all pieces of kit and his watch from his team "mates", and will no doubt be back for more next week !


So with the game over once again we must have a special mention to Tony for some expert book keeping !


So all that's left is to go back to the Old Town Hall where Kirsty is happy to bring out the butties but cannot be coaxed into posing for more pictures of her delightful derriere. (merde ! the readers will not be happy - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bah... Once again it's a little too breezy for us to be out raiding the Jollys. Bzzzt. What a summer this is turning out to be. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. At this rate we'll not manage to get enough blood to make our egg shells. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

STOP PRESS: In case you're wondering why the match report was late it's because we were busy recording this Saturday. So as a special treat you can hear a Jollyboys exclusive sneak preview of the new track from "Mono Rojos" (cuál significa "Red Monkey" en Espanol - ed.). It's current working title is "Mandolini Love Song" and it's very much a work in progress (i.e. we chucked it down, most stuff was done in one take and there are plenty of rough bits) But we like it so much we want to share it already. Look forward to the finished version being numero uno galaxy wide ! (these people are idiots - ed.)

And if this wasn't exciting enough then when you've quite finished dancing to Mono Rojos, you can just get dancing again as you check out the "Guaracheros" and their completely fashion-tastic pointy boots ! (Click the images to see what we're on about !)


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